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GATO Elections

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Greetings Cyberverse,
I come before you today to announce that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization has just finished it's bi-monthly Executive Elections. We've had a little bit of turnover in our higher ups, but we still have some recognizable faces around our block. 
The following May - June 2014 Executive Branch of GATO looks as follows:
Assembly Chairmen:
Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Minister of Domestic Affairs:
Minister of Finance:
Minister of Defense:
I would also like to take a moment and recognize a former member on a well earned award. While normally these awards are handed out to current members, an exception can be made in this event as it is well worth it.

A Tier 4 Medal; the Gold Laurel Award is a second highest civilian honor, awarded to members for their work in diplomacy and their dedicated pursuit of bettering the position of the Alliance and it's allies in world affairs. Awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dre4mwe4ver - Over his many years in GATO, Dre4m has served this alliance with the utmost honor, dignity, class, and poise. He worked hard through the years to see GATO better off with friends, allies, and even enemies. It brings a smile to my face when I enter Foreign Embassies, and hear the magnificent admiration of Dre4m's labor. While he may no longer be within our grand halls, his spirit ever remains as a proud GATO'an, and I can think of no better person to award this medal too. We can only hope to see new and old kin alike, aspire to be like Dre4m and we look forward to the day he returns to our great halls.



Strength in Unity, Honor in Justice


Minister of Foreign Affairs





Edit: Grammar

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I'm happy to see you're still active, Cyfe. It makes my day when I get to talk to you! 

I'm still straight, btw.


I am only 38% sure about this message.

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I still recognise Dre4m as the legitimate ruler of GATO, and I disregard the results of any election.



Don't worry, so do I. 


Congratulations to the rest of us usurpers! It's going to be a good term. 

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Dre4m continues to be my favourite part of GATO.

I never had the privilege to work with Dre4m professionally, but he has always impressed me with his knoweldge and how he handles himself.

Would elect Dre4m my supreme overlord <3

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