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  1. Rounds come and go, rules and alliances change, but the salt...salt is forever.
  2. Nice to see OP and NDO still kicking. I might give a round a try again, it's been far too long.
  3. Shiny! It's totally not my fault; I think CN moderation doesn't allow gif-only posts. I can't operate under this kind of oppression!
  4. Well, I do have plenty of cash for a few more rounds of war. Who wants to make today my lucky day? ^_^
  5. It's only appropriate - if you can survive being a diplomat to NG, you can survive anything. :ph34r: Congrats, Grub! :)
  6. Oh hey, Alexandros is still around. :P Have fun, everyone!
  7. Someone's gotta protect the environment of Planet Bob, despite the whole nuclear holocaust thing. Yay us. ^_^
  8. lol, I see Swazz still has the habit of editing out entire posts retroactively. It seems that bernie did the same. If anyone would like the pre-edited drama to read for funzies, I can provide them, courtesy of the email updates I get directly after someone posts. ^_^
  9. Good luck, Alpha Wolves! I miss the days of warring NLoN. The lulz were overwhelming. I see they still haven't learned to set their AA off open. :v:
  10. I think we've found our reincarnation of General Patton from 2013 or so, Samwise. :ph34r: Empty threats, backpedaling, ad hominem? I reinstate the following:
  11. Following a failed round of attacks on my nations... This has been a thoroughly satisfying experience thus far.
  12. Thanks for the homecoming party, fellas! EDIT: lol forum lag. high-quality gif inside, click at own risk! [spoiler][/spoiler]
  13. Well, it appears that we've found ourselves in an alliance war on the first day possible. It sucks when raids don't turn out quite as planned, doesn't it? ^_^
  14. Randomly popping in to give you gents me best wishes. You've always been one of the most consistently elite alliances out there, TE will certainly have a strange void in it without you. o/
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