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  1. Thank you for that. We've been doing our best to keep our members interested. Sadly not everything works.
  2. but would it be as comical? would it get a reaction? not really... We chose this route for lawls mostly... We went with the first theme that came to mind... Next one might be Mobsters, not sure yet. I guess we shall see what the future holds on BoB. Till then, we shall continue to steer the ship as we always do.
  3. If thats your opinion of us I wont attempt to sway your view otherwise. We have a longstanding history of being Neutral, we like our traditions.
  4. Some Alliance leaders do care so they know who to contact(and i like to keep to old traditions) We, as always, are Neutral unless the conflict comes looking for us first. We shall not over step that bountry and stick our collective noses in others affairs
  5. rather nice translation for those who cant really see the graphic too well (im veryyy sorry bout that)
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to Bring you the upcoming Government selection for the June-Aug term over at the Green Protection Agency! There is a lot of old faces this upcoming term, but none the less our members have spoken! So, without further adieu I give you the updated Government list!
  7. Of course we are Sam ;) we need all the help we can get just to keep our ministries staffed...
  8. Thank you everyone who wished the best for M_a_C_a, I guess his PhD stuff is taking a lot out of him. As for bashing us, it won't bother us as we are used to the jealousy of others who don't know peace through diplomacy... You play your way we play ours... Also... We will outlast the game, as it dies our community is still there.
  9. Greetings planet Bob!!! I bring both good and bad news this morning... We regret to report that one of our long standing members, M_a_C_a, has left the game due to real life issues.. It's been a sad month for us (partly why this announcement is late) please stop by the forums and send him a PM fairwell!! Now, onto the usual upkeep, we are slightly delayed in announcing our election (my fault again as I usually don't do OWF posts) but here is the current election results! As you can clearly see only a few changes this term, we are awaiting the update for the Hall of Fame vote as well. As always, come visit us on irc or on our forums (seriously do its been kinda dead over there)
  10. Well... You apparently have never visited us... We have MANY programs and such to manage, way too much for one person to handle so we have a complete staff.
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