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  1. Definitely should be added to the war stats downloads as well as an individual search page similar to how top 100 TE nations are listed from previous rounds. I'd also like to see the other categories tracked in the war stats instead of just destruction, and attack/defend percentage : Soldiers Lost Tanks Lost Cruise Missiles Lost Aircraft Lost Navy Lost Infrastructure Lost Technology Lost Land Lost And navy should be added to the nation stats with the other military items.
  2. That's the thing though. Y'all are assuming that 100% of NLoN is active. I'd be willing to bet that they're not. Honestly, who doesn't have inactives?
  3. Who said CN doesn't give anniversary bonuses past 1 year?! HAPPY 10 YEARS CN! On the flip side, thanks for 10 years worth of sucky SDI's. >:| I'm glad you finally decided to average it out, admin.
  4. Now that we've legitimized Dawners by declaring war on them, I'd like to take this time to finally say get off welcome to green! Green is mine. I'll kill you. <3
  5. You forgot Kurdanak. That's okay. 3 days into the war and we have finally found where Kurd's being held. The Lake of Whizdom was truly unfortunate, but hopefully we can pull Kurd away from his dance party fast enough to bring him home. Also, those countless trophies are Kurd's "Most Aircraft Destroyed In A War" awards. One for every time I told him to quit buying so much AF, only to have him later tell me he spent all his warchest causing me to headdesk.
  6. Here's a RL clip of me taking Monkieman around for his first nuke-o-treating, only to find out Wile didn't have a MP. Congrats to Monkie on his first nuking! They grow up so fast!
  7. Dude, I'm ded. If SBG accidentally spying my nukes didn't kill me, this did. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.
  8. War Doves Declaration of War Here's something you haven't seen since 2015... a War Doves DoW!! Intel reports have shown that Wile Coyote has gone undercover and infiltrated the War Doves alliance: We have received intel that he has taken Kurdanak hostage... This is unacceptable. War Doves hereby declares a state of war with the Digital Combat Soldiers! Operation: RescueKurdanak is now underway! Stats! Digital Combat Soldiers: Members: 6 Strength: 197,944.00 Avg. NS: 32,990.67 Infra: 31,643.56 Tech: 3,850.35 Nukes: 12 War Doves: Members: 5 Strength: 142,550.88 Avg. NS: 28,510.176 Infra: 24,531.22 Tech: 2,426.34 Nukes: 11
  9. No, you requested that I clarify the statements that I made. I did that. I'm not taking anybody's side. I fact checked you to get a full accounting on what was happening.
  10. I'm going to level with you here. I know you're not defending yourself to me, but everyone, and truthfully, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. It was the last day of the round, emotions were high, and while yes, your first opinion was to accept the nations. But ultimately, you decided against it. And even if you hadn't, accepting them wasn't breaking any gameplay rules. So we're splitting hairs here. Even in my original statement, I said: I understand, that I shouldn't never said that. I've apologized to you in private, and I'll do it again here. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it. If I was feeling conflicted, I should've spoken to you about it. I admit that. And I've apologized to you, privately and publically. I'm not saying you should accept my apology. But it's clear to me now that you acted as though you were alright with me privately, to bait me into talking to you so you could immediately share my logs. You requested that I post this thread, then basically use it to attack me. You also requested that I talk to IRON personally and clarify things. I'm not sharing content of logs to protect my own credibility, you are. I'm trying to make right here. I'm literally doing everything you asked of me.
  11. I don't understand why you asked me to make this thread, then come in here and attempt to discredit me by saying I'm an "incredibly confused" unreliable source. Doesn't that just make people want to not believe what I originally stated in the OP, and more inclined to believe I was somehow manipulated? Yes, I was confused, and still am, on what happened with UN and D1's score last round. But one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt is that you were originally for accepting the 0 day old nations, and that you pressured me into agreeing to accept them, saying that we should play by their (i.e. UN's) rules. That didn't sit right with me, and you know that. We debated it back and forth throughout the day, and at one point, to satiate you, I agreed that at the end of the round, if we needed the NS boost, we'd accept the nations. Otherwise, we'd just let them remain on pending. I notice those logs aren't the ones you posted. Anyway, it ate at me the remainder of the day, because I knew that's not how I wanted to win, so in efforts to go around you, I posted the above message to all the AA leaders. That's what pressured you into agreeing with me. If you're the boss, and you tell your workers that they have to work on Christmas, and I go to them and say they should all take the day off, that's undermining your authority. And nice try. I am not going to log dump any convo's that were said in private. The only logs that I've shown are my own. I never dumped any of your logs, whereas you are dumping mine in discord chats. I never gave UN or Stevie any proof that you misled me. In those logs, I even gave you the benefit of the doubt saying that you might not have known yourself. All I was trying to do was get to the bottom of what was happening, and if that's a betrayal of the highest order, then okay. Tar and feather me boys.
  12. My prayers and thoughts are with her, her children, and your family as you all go through this. I imagine it can't be easy on any of you, and I pray that you all find peace.
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