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  1. Xanth

    Hoist the mainsail!

    You wont let me die, why wont you let me die!?
  2. Xanth

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Dre4m still governing!? Is this 2012 or 2018
  3. Xanth

    A Clerical Note

    What is going on here? Why are you people still going on about any of this!
  4. Composure is for those that choose to have something to lose in this !@#$%^&* game
  5. Good god, again!? Not how I thought I'd end my cn career but oh well. The last is always the most unremarkable I guess
  6. But we enjoy watching Tywin Getting rolled
  7. Xanth

    Let's Play With Scorpions!

    Whats Your policy on nations that have been removed from the game for inactivity that return and join a different alliance?
  8. Xanth

    Declartion of war on monsters inc.

    Youre A special kind of stupid arent You? you have been removed from even trying to join sra and i Wish you no luck moving forward.
  9. Xanth

    TIR war update

    This is by far the saddest thread I've seen in quite a while.
  10. Xanth

    Going Byzantine on your Ass

    Flags should always be at the TOP of the post Mighty fine sizing though.
  11. Building a 3br on aqua and need a few more to stabilize it. Pm me in game if interested.
  12. Xanth

    Going Byzantine on your Ass

    Yeah Us! Now back to my hangover
  13. Xanth


    Nope, almost the exact same size
  14. Xanth


    Na, just look at Minc you Can lose 2/3s of your aa and 95% of your ns and still get curbstomped for 4 months,until you publically Surrender.
  15. Xanth


    So you WANT your protectorate to drop you then?threads like this can kill your fa and paint a target on your back. Now any aa that gets rogued in the next 20 or so days will think it was you that hired the hit and may just curbstomp you because of it.