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  1. The only thing that would bring this game back and attract new players is to package it into an app, add some cheap graphics and an alliance chat box. If cn doesnt go mobile and stays in a browser only then it will continue to die. Browser based games went out of style years ago and replaced by mobile platform. I'm only.back to reconnect with a few people and try to pull them into much better mobile games.
  2. That would for sure kill the game. You gotta figure a minimum of 80% of people would walk away from it after putting in years of work and money just to have their progress reset.
  3. Dre4m still governing!? Is this 2012 or 2018
  4. What is going on here? Why are you people still going on about any of this!
  5. Composure is for those that choose to have something to lose in this !@#$%^&* game
  6. Good god, again!? Not how I thought I'd end my cn career but oh well. The last is always the most unremarkable I guess
  7. Whats Your policy on nations that have been removed from the game for inactivity that return and join a different alliance?
  8. Youre A special kind of stupid arent You? you have been removed from even trying to join sra and i Wish you no luck moving forward.
  9. This is by far the saddest thread I've seen in quite a while.
  10. Flags should always be at the TOP of the post Mighty fine sizing though.
  11. Building a 3br on aqua and need a few more to stabilize it. Pm me in game if interested.
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