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  1. I know how tough it is to stay active. I debate whether to collect every 20 days. And I almost hate myself for not deleting and wasting my time with this war when I could be doing other stuff. But you are one of those constants I enjoy seeing whenever I come on and do hope you stick around. Even if I don't.
  2. Form your own alliance. Then you an make your own rules.
  3. I was going to write something about the last war. And I was going to start with the war before that. Even wrote some long wall of text last May I never felt the urge to publish. Instead I'll just start with my pathetic beginning and utterly pedestrian musings on such. This saga starts somewhere around November of 2007. Senate Seeker Coalition I started in another game. Not sure if I am allowed to mention it's name but given the alliance that came from that game was called the Senate Seeker Alliance not really sure that is necessary. This nameless game was a political simulation where
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