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  1. Worst Alliance Of The Year: Mi6 Worst Military of the Year: Mi6 Worst Block of the Year: Platysphere. Most Inactive Large Alliance: Mi6 Worst Diplomatic Team: Mi6 Alliance Most Likely To Fail in 2015: Mi6 Worst Player of the Year: Tie between all 91 members of Mi6 Worst Leader of the Year: Tie between Chimaera, Rahl, James Maximus, Myth, Voodoo Worst Treaty of the Year: Any treaty with Mi6 Worst Theme Used in 2014: James Bond.
  2. No pics of Saoirse Ronan? :( Congrats on your spiffy new alliance and best of luck!
  3. I know. Devoid of ideas of things to make. But the bar is so low I figured why not?
  4. The smug has always been strong with DC. And his sojourn in Mushroom Kingdom didn't help one bit. . Finally someone actually gets it. You win the thread. Time for everyone to leave and go home. Seriously. I want the ten minutes I spent reading all this back. As for the war itself. We're right. They're wrong. Clearly.
  5. Comic style propaganda seems to be all the rage. Who am I to argue? Forgive me for not using big ugly flags to identify who is who. I trust you can figure it out on your own.
  6. That'll work! Decided I like the non-desaturated one better. I blame you for forcing me to watch a whole bunch of Sarah McLachlan vids on youtube to try to find images of her next to an animal where the image quality didn't bite. There weren't any. So my apologies for the source image being so horrible.
  7. Sorry Unknown Smurf. As I told you on irc only stuff I could think of involved smurfs. I'll put the thumbs since not sure if the hotlinks on imagevenue work the same way as they used to on imageshack.
  8. This attack was completly justified. Why? Not sure. But someone smarter than myself will figure it out eventually. MI6 is an awful terrible alliance and deserves to be destroyed.
  9. Congrats to our allies in Umbrella on making new friends.
  10. My condolences to GOONS. You are a strong alliance and with some luck you'll survive this.
  11. A lot of old friends on that list. Good to see Roq leading the charge again!
  12. Horrible government. Still time to cancel before they bring everyone else down.
  13. Lame alliance puts up meaningless stats. Boring. Wake me up when a real alliance has something to announce.
  14. Congrats to the Holy Roman Empire on their protectorate from GOONS. But try to be careful with that Hapsburg imbreeding. Can produce some strange results.
  15. Awwww.. TLR gets a little baby alliance to look after. Well an old folks home. But they'll still be well taken care of nonetheless!
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