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  1. Glad to see this up, wish I could've posted sooner. o/ Orange Also, The INT doesn't have a senator, all of the signatories do.
  2. Umbrella just needs 1 more to collect them all
  3. Preamble: The Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Umbrella have maintained contact for a good deal of time and built up a bond over that period. It is now official through the following treaty: Article I - Non-Aggression: No member from either alliance shall attack a member of the other. Should such an attack occur, both alliances agree to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels. Article II - Intelligence: Any pertinent information that is disclosed to either signatory that involves the other, shall be shared with the others government. Article III - Mutual Defense: An attack o
  4. Lemax


    I've been successfully hit with 2 cruise missiles by the same opponent over the last 2 days and I have the Interceptor Missile System wonder. Am I just not understanding how it works? I thought (removes 1 attackers CM strike chance for that day)
  5. Definitely a good idea to create a new thread instead of letting the discussion continue in the one you made two days ago. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/122643-shielded-from-the-dark-lodgers-who-cant-ride-the-sandstorm-into-the-atlantic-breeze-without-bumping-into-el-pollo-loco/ Also, I'm unsure if RS is upset or honored that all of AZTEC is fighting? I think you should stick with the honored one. Let's just have fun with it and we can get our lower tiers some practice.
  6. Very happy to see two of our good friends sign some paper. o/ DT o/ IRON
  7. This is a troll, TE is currently offline.
  8. He pretty much got you on that one.
  9. Very happy to see this happen. Congratulations to IRON and DBDC
  10. That's what she said. Ok, will do. Seriously though, good to see this happen.
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