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  1. MrHiott


    You finally did it.
  2. MrHiott

    The Great One Thoughts #1

    I'd appreciate it if you could leave P&W out of this game.
  3. MrHiott

    Sengoku, have some honor.

        and...you like it?
  4. MrHiott

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      it's awfully easy to talk big from hippy mode on an aa that you aren't a part of
  5. MrHiott

    Sengoku, have some honor.

        come out of peace mode please
  6. MrHiott

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      to quote a famous and yet under appreciated poet:   DO IT
  7. MrHiott

    Sengoku, have some honor.

      bet you won't hit him     also this thread is funny good job guys a+ 10/10 would read again
  8. MrHiott

    Hello Friend ~!~

      [spoiler] Mr. Robot didn't kiss his sister. Mr. Robot is Elliot's Dad, Elliot kissed his sister. [/spoiler]
  9. MrHiott

    Joint TOP-TSK Announcement

    Congrats to both of my allies!
  10. MrHiott

    MI6-TPF Announcement

    this is amazazing
  11. MrHiott

    Argent Relevancy House Warming Party 2015

    lack of hart is disappointing.
  12. MrHiott

    Die Another Day

      you have no idea.