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  1. Damn, and I was so looking forward to the fourth decree. I was promised cake.
  2. Godspeed and I hope and pray for a quick recovery, bros. You've always been one of the good guys in my mind.
  3. ...well shit, I'm in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with a Spartan.
  4. That's what Reavers is for. Check your war screen :P
  5. Polaris, it's really funny for you and your associated chumps to continue carrying on like anyone is *actually* scared of you.
  6. Yeah, no. Please stop trying so hard.
  7. Uhm... yeah. You do you, "bro", and the rest of us are gonna be over here in sanity.
  8. Francoism has nothing to do with this neutral kerfluffle. Please stop trying to sound cool, edgy, and intelligent... for you are none of those things.
  9. As a teacher IRL, school supplies are always a bother. This is a great thing I hope it sees a lot of support.
  10. I know we didn't always agree, Rayvon, but I truly did enjoy working with you. Enjoy retirement - I sure as hell am. Maybe we'll meet up for a game of shuffleboard. Good luck, Kirsten. Emperor/Empress is not an easy road to walk and I wish you the best.
  11. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order Planet Bob, As we come to the conclusion our terms, I see an alliance that is on the edge of reattaining the greatness it once held. I see leaders - Imperial Officers, department heads, and others - that are among the best minds in this game, and are incredibly capable. I see an alliance that has been through the fire and flame and come out the better for it. And I see an alliance that I am honored to call home. I see these things, and I feel joy at knowing that I was blessed enough to get to be here for the ride. And, while my ride with you isn't over, my position behind the wheel is. Brehon, upon his retirement, said that when you reach a point where the Order could be better served with someone else at the helm, it's time to step aside. My friends, I've reached that point. I am filled with pride at the accomplishments my alliance have achieved this past year, and I am looking forward to standing firmly behind our next Emperor as he takes us into the future. As my final act as Emperor, I appoint Letum, my Regent, to succeed me as the Eighth Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Under him, I know that Pacifica will truly Prevail yet again. Adminspeed, my friend, I know you're going to make us all proud. o/ Letum, the Eighth Emperor of the New Pacific Order o/ the Body Republic Farrin Xies Seventh Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Lone Star Emperor
  12. The New Pacific Order Wants YOU! Forum: Link | IRC Channel: #NSA (on the Coldfront IRC server) Greetings Fellow Nation Rulers! If you are looking for an alliance to help your nation achieve economic superiority, military strength and the camaraderie which comes with being a part of the greatest community on Planet Bob, then look no further! The New Pacific Order (NPO) is one of the premier alliances on CyberNations and has been since its founding on January 27th, 2006. As one of the oldest alliances in Cybernations, for over eight years we have proven and continue to prove our superiority with alliance operations. This success is not taken for granted as we always continue to strive towards new development and advancements in diplomacy, economics, communications, internal activities, and warfare. Our evolution has been realized and endures because of our large, diverse and dedicated membership. Thanks to our members and the deeply rooted teachings of our culture, our loyalty is unwavering and our pursuits are accomplished with honor. Throughout the history of Pacifica we have prided ourselves on our focus of vision, our commitment to ideals greater than ourselves, the maintenance and preservation of our culture and our way of life. Pacificans enjoy an exuberant and active community within our private forums, IRC Channels, and Voice Chats. Our economic system, one of the best in CyberNations, has been honed to develop nations into strong and resilient members of the alliance. All members have access to a plethora of guides and tools to help our nations achieve their fullest potential, as well as the experience of long time members always ready to assist you and answer your questions. We also have other activities include games, competitions, and ways to get involved in various departments. Be a part of the proud history and forge a new and glorious future as a part of the New Pacific Order! Register on our forums and post your Membership Application today. Feel free to stop by #NSA when on IRC, where you will be greeted by willing and helpful Pacificans who will answer any and all questions you may have. I look forward to the day I am able to call you "Comrade"! For The New Pacific Order, Farrin Xies, Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Lone Star Emperor Letum, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
  13. It's weird, I was thinking the same thing. :P Well, poachers gonna poach, I guess.
  14. o/ my friends in GATO Also... I want Dre4m back in GATO. Let's make that happen, mkay?
  15. It was a long, hard fight. I couldn't be prouder of the tenacity my members fought with, and an additional shoutout to all of my allies for their support. It was a fun fight.
  16. To understand any alliance - NSO, NPO, TOP, or any other - you simply can't try to analyze it from the outside looking in. Even with your "friends" assisting you in understanding, you simply can't. It's been a long time since you've been a Pacifican, and I'm not sure if you've ever been a Paradoxian or a Sith. You have no idea what you're talking about. Your weird obsession with us all grows creepier by the day.
  17. The funny thing about words is, believe it or not, they can have multiple meanings based on context. Also, peace isn't a "direct benefit?"
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