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  1. The only thing that would bring this game back and attract new players is to package it into an app, add some cheap graphics and an alliance chat box. If cn doesnt go mobile and stays in a browser only then it will continue to die. Browser based games went out of style years ago and replaced by mobile platform. I'm only.back to reconnect with a few people and try to pull them into much better mobile games.
  2. That would for sure kill the game. You gotta figure a minimum of 80% of people would walk away from it after putting in years of work and money just to have their progress reset.
  3. Dre4m still governing!? Is this 2012 or 2018
  4. What is going on here? Why are you people still going on about any of this!
  5. The bootstrapping after the update is way off on mobile. Both Firefox and dolphin.
  6. O/ Bitter Micro Drama O/ $%&@ what the owf thinks Edit* for the record I still blame brown for all of this.
  7. Wait, according to meths other nation brother it was me that reported every player on your side. Now it's Jack? Please make up your mind.
  8. When people are sending death threats and sexually explicit messages to their enemies reporting is appropriate.
  9. We see no need or reason for an apology from kashmir. We got your backs.
  10. We see no need or reason for an apology from kashmir. We got your backs.
  11. There have been many wars fought in real life that had no justifiable reason for war. While a CB here is generally required in order to garner favor with ones allies in order to procure defensive and offensive support there is no actual need for a cb. The CB as it pertains to our current situation is truly a PR tool and nothing more angst it is one that no matter how cut and dry will always be hotly contested by one or more sides in the war. I for one would not engage in an offensive (alliance wide)conflict without a valid CB but I don't think it is a requirement for one aa to attack ano
  12. I think it's more that because of those posters a lot of others have effectively given up posting on the owf. Most posts just degrade into a troll/look at me fest by page 2 and it has turned a lot of people off to actually commenting all together.
  13. What exactly is your metric? When does one really win at a game like this? No one stays on top and no one ever will stay on top so what is the win here?
  14. Jebus, you change alliances more than anyone I've ever met. Have fun with your "draft".
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    Sra sigs are exclusive to membership
  16. Xanth

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    What is this I don't even....
  17. Xanth

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    If I had one tech for every time I've been told that I'd be as big as Cuba
  18. Xanth

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    We seem to be doing quite well for ourselves.
  19. Xanth

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    He's already got one. At this time SRA is pledging full protectorate status to smurthwaite pending his decision. Until such time that smurt changes from none to any alliance affiliation, SRA will be keeping his safety as our top priority. This act will remain in place until such time that smurthwaite personally requests it's end and will not be dropped in the event of SRA being removed from his alliance choice consideration.
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