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  1. Really? We coulda easily got 10 separate announcements outta this! Noob
  2. It's always caustic's fault!
  3. We let them off easy.....I wanted disbandment
  4. May the Phoenix never rise again
  5. Take the coward's way out after you destroyed your alliance. You definitely win the worst TPF leader award. The fail is strong in you. CN as a whole is better without trash people like you and trash alliances like TPF. You won't be missed
  6. Anything ever come of this?
  7. Why would you do this TTK??? NG is trash......... Wait what?
  8. New commie bloc????? Oh how fun.......
  9. Nothing. First time posting.......
  10. Horrible line up. Horrible people. NG sucks, nuke stewie
  11. must dogpile polar moar!
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