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  1. No matter what theme or witty thing I come up with, there will be more things that I want to say. And that's before getting to any meat. Or even the shoutouts. Oh the shout outs. Too many to even start. But I'm not doing that. My format will be different. Look guys. I've been playing for 10 years. I'm done. Liberating. I deleted my nation. So I don't even belong here anymore. Rotty is taking over Invicta, if anyone was wondering. If the game is bonked, please Moderation fix that. He's heir, and I deleted. Invicta is by all rights his. And that's it. No one will read or care about a speech. And I'm over my length as is. I will just say; if you want to stop play, please just stop playing. Pretending you're going to quit, or just complaining endlessly, while doing nothing to change anything, just, it's disgusting to watch, and ruins the fun. Not to mention it will never get you what you want. I can not stand the !@#$%*ing. It literally drove me out. Almost did after EQ. And to those who do want to play; just play. Have fun. It's a game. Y'all people are crazy. Just try smiling. Alright, I'll get off my milk crate. It was real guys. -KiWi
  2. I'll bite my tongue more than once. Stay Frosty Pacifica. Hope you can stretch your legs during your tenure LoD.
  3. Funny time line, I've been platonic for the last year and a half myself. I believe I was platonic before then as well, but a year and a half ago, my heart was a flutter. Of course, I mean I was smitten with TOP.
  4. Why though? You're also forgetting simply nominating the "obvious" or sarcastically obvious ones.
  5. At least we're doing something. I can die happy.
  6. I still can't get upset. You need Polar people to post, and be smug about their superiority to upset me. Non-Grata posting, just doesn't do it (for me personally). I actually like Non-Grata's posting. Even when they're my enemy. You should learn to recycle. But I won't go liberal on you.
  7. Don't be retroactive about it. Wind of me what, wanting another sphere? Trying to pull people together to do, really anything (is GPA over done? I considered it). If you want to be blunt, and simple "you could've overthrew us", that's fair enough. Let's state that as the CB, and then (who's "us"? Oculus?) come attack us. NPO is currently, they are more than enough, but they didn't (At least start that way). They gave us a token attack. They wanted something else (and I don't blame them). They wanted to fight someone other than just Invicta. Why? Just for the fun of it, or because they're anti-Oculus as well? Or trying to "oppose" them? If it's for the first reason, that's fine. Let's state as much, and I'm someone who honestly is up for fun. Unless you think you're the only one enjoying yourself. But if it's the second? What are you doing?
  8. OOC: I tried contacting him a month ago. And that failed. I even poked whoever I thought was your MoFA, but no one is ever around. I guess they're internet is bad too. So I get the lack of internet. But a month? And you fail my plans in one direction, so then when I try something else, you not only not contact me (maybe my internet connection is bad) but you then make up reasons, and I suppose try to be cute with me. Which I didn't appreciate. I was going to make a much worse post about this, and everything else bothering me, but that wouldn't have accomplished anything. So I decided to make this one post, to demand a response, and I will wait as long as necessary, and then in private, where I believe it should happen, I'll bring up my other points. The post here was just so I had some standing that I did in fact try diplomacy, instead of having my efforts be ignored, and then have people cite "internet" as a reason why I didn't get a response.
  9. I don't know to which set we're speaking of, but that may not be untrue. However I'm a big picture man. We should discuss it. My talks with LoD were lovely. When may I speak with auctor about getting Invicta rolled? You still a cool dude in my book. Sorry I can't get more upset.
  10. As much as I appreciate that you did talk to me, I want Pacifica to answer. I won't dig out a cute quote, like you did ('To go against the Orders!') but the Emperor is the Order. I want to speak with Frawley. It is that simple. You were doing your job, and I will respect that. However that does not stop me from wanting the truth. It will not stop me from honestly being insulted at what I was given. I do not believe you will, or are able, discuss the topic with me in a meaningful way; you certainly didn't try talking to me prior to starting a war. And considering what I knew was going on is now common knowledge, your standing is even worse.
  11. The best offense, is a strong defense. And the best defense is treaties. Treaties are strength. Treaties are life.
  12. You left them, and they turned into a den of sinnery. Sinnery of sin, if I'm honestly blunt.
  13. I've grown too powerful. The rebellion must be contained. You are the galaxy's only hope, Great & Powerful Lowsten. My only hope!
  14. I humbly request that the New Pacific Order levy formal charges against Invicta. The vagueness of the crime, makes it hard for me to counter. I may be guilty. But I want you to charge me. Give it to me straight. I want you to tell me why. If you do so privately, if you reply here; if the reason is something concrete, or you simply wanted some spice. I demand you respond. Yours sincerely, -KingWilliam
  15. Look what I inspire. Don't cancel on me please.
  16. Sound logic? I wanted a fight. What was the point of me posting if you were going to be all reasonable. I can't win with anyone! Expect my own radio show. And I'll ask to interview you, and we'll beat Monsters Inc News. Believe it.
  17. Just so it's said publicly; and in a place that matters (the world stage. Which I may make my home). Why haven't I gotten an invite to be interviewed? You've talked about my alliance plenty. I'm such a good person to talk to. I like to think of us a friends. Or at least chums (friends is honestly a word I feel uncomfortable with on a personal level. It's not you. It's me. But I'll call you my friend. Just not in public. No one knows we know each other). Also in an unrelated matter, I hate Monsters Inc, who I assume by the name, is the owner of Monsters Inc News. I have never talked with, or associated with the people there, and I do not contribute to their ratings. Also I might decline your offer, on the grounds that, I'm salty it took a public call out for you to call to me. So no matter how politically important the interview might be (negative or positive), I'm going to pre-empt your call-outs with "nuuuuurr".
  18. Someone could just... you know.... ask me.... Just a thought. One caveat though, I often claim to be telling the truth, but will say completely polarizing things. Like "I want to roll Pacifica" and "I love Pacifica". So it's a mess to get what I really mean. Best to not even talk to me.
  19. You know, fair enough. I do want to hear from the powers that be, but I won't put you at fault. I don't know either dude. We're both the same. Also, you would know, or at least you can ask on the inside: why wasn't I hit first thing? I was insulted. Which is my point. You guys obviously aren't putting effort into this. Are you this in the slums? It makes me sad. I hit some people I knew, got some cheap anarchies (and they are cheap). I hit one guy I didn't know because he was a cheap anarchy, and Dan because he spied me. I don't know if I'll be allowed to choose my targets for the rest of the war, so I hope I choose my first ones well.
  20. Not to jump ahead of myself. I actually had some walls of text planned. It was going to be a grand time. But oh well. Which ally? I don't suppose they declared on us as well? Not to invite more people. I think you're more than enough for me Pacifica (hubba) (winky). But seriously; for the slow ones. If anything, I am glad we were hit. So people did not have to dance around. I appreciate that you did it, but I am not sure why I am appreciative. What is this about?
  21. Vampires suck the life out of things. And the Duckys, while never big mover & shakers, were a very important bloc. So perhaps an apt comparison, and a poor suggestion as an alternative. Not that I want to encourage your analogies. I disagree, and think you're trying to stir up GPA when there is not only no point, but I would consider almost hypocritical considering you blame them for uselessness, and you yourself.... ? Even if I have my quips, I do think this is the forum for such public announcements from alliances. Big or small. And there is absolutely no doubt as to GPAs large size in Bob, not even considering their history. So this is completely appropriate. Their behavior should be encouraged, so we may laugh or praise our friends & enemies in a public forum where all the leaders of Bob can converse, instead of being quiet and never venturing out. Even if you disagree with their actions (or lack thereof) in the wider Cyberverse.
  22. OOC: To those who were confused like I, and likewise can't into technologies, please let me help you. Gov: Johnny Depp - Vice President Muppet - Econ Vampire Lord Guy - Military Cartoon Vampire Lord Guy - President Vampire in that one episode of Spongeboy - Minister of Membership Compliance Evil Emperor from Star Wars, with the hairstyle from the Victorian era. I assume a vampire. - Missing in Action Rabbit Vampire (I remember that book) - D.O.C. (Director of something I'm sure) Linux Vampire - D.o.a Bat Imperator - MoFA IC: Congratulations GPA! I like the lineup myself. OOC: So you fixed it. Well *I* made myself chuckle. And that's all that matters. I also don't blame you consider you can't preview. I recommend using your own as a test then simply ctrl+a ctrl+v-ing. I did that for ours and I think I made a passable post.
  23. And you'll never guess who was also scared of Russia!? SUN SHOULD TAKE THE ISLANDS! How about YOU back off TTK?
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