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  1. Our channels shall be coming back online within the hour #mi6 shall be open for business as usual
  2. it only took 8 years to fix the whole moderation forum issue.. wow..
  3. its a retarded rule.. but it exists.
  4. well removing that fuse when we have wars where it prevents more users online would be useful..
  5. well I've never used 1&1 so I can not comment on the quality of service. Since, i've not seen the game have many issues.. they seem to be pretty good.
  6. I thought osravan said he was retiring.. and yet he's assistant Sec Gen.. well at least someone with knowledge is around to help out. that is always a good thing..
  7. it is poor programming from days gone by when computers were less capable.
  8. updated list of embassies that will be archived in 7 days from this post.
  9. GATO is not doomed, nor is our FA.. even though I dislike a few people and they dislike me.. I will be discussing everything with my alliance before any decisions are made, as per our Charter and Laws... the General Assembly of GATO has the full voting power to approve or deny any treaty change, as well as VONC any member of government they feel is not representing GATO to the best of their abilities. There are those that think I am trying to burn gato to the ground are out to lunch. I am trying to help this alliance the best I can.
  10. whatever ad that is, needs to be flagged by google for removal.
  11. Forums - IRC Election results are as follows Assembly Chairman Unstpblpimp (Deputy) Hankidan Minister of Defense Mightyspoon Minister of Domestic Affairs Angelremorse Minister of Finance Peroman200 Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxfiles [hr] FA update:Inactive Embassies will be purged for inactivity. if we have not heard from you in over 3 months on our forums, your embassy will be archived. All users under our foreign diplomat mask will be verified for having a valid nation against in game data and will be moved to foreign guest. All other masks for diplomats will be audited as well. Update: The following embassies will be archived in 7 days. Christian Coalition of Countries Coalition of Royal Allied Powers Global Protection Force Independent Republic of Orange Nations Invicta Kashmir Kaskus League of Small Superpowers New Sith Order North Atlantic Defense Coalition Random Insanity Alliance Sovereign League of Armed Powers Sparta The Chaos Brotherhood The International The Order of the Paradox The Phoenix Federation The Seven Kingdoms The Templar Knights Valhalla
  12. who is this alliance and are they relevant?
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