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  1. it only took 8 years to fix the whole moderation forum issue.. wow..
  2. maxfiles


    most computers use nothing when they are being stressed, if you turn off the screen savers and just turn your screen off.. you use a lot less.. screen savers are useless and waste processor power anyways.
  3. maxfiles


    seriously? computers use alot less power these days, I find it funny that you suggest that the computer would use more power.
  4. maxfiles


    how many people are just looking, but not actually going to do.. I see people viewing the blog post, but not actually looking at signing up.. the software has the ability to pause folding so you can stop it while you are gaming.. and turn it on after your done, and sleeping
  5. maxfiles


    I wanted to start a CN folding@home group website: http://folding.stanford.edu/home/ Software: https://folding.stanford.edu/home/the-software/ click on the big button, "Start Folding" a popup will give you an option for your software. The Cybernations Team Number: 226904 Stats page: http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=226904 Get yourself a pass key: http://folding.stanford.edu/home/faq/faq-passkey/ what you are doing is helping out science.. there are 4 causes currently to help out: Cancer, Alzhiemer's, Huntington's, and Parkinson's. I am helping out all 4. I felt that since I'm sure we all know someone affected by one of these different diseases, we should see how many people we can get to help out in the community. Would you be interested in joining? Since most people generally leave their computers turned on when they are not around.. you can do it part time or full time or do it when you are afk from your computer, and turn it off while you game your first person shooters.. Would you consider sparing your computers spare time?
  6. what we need is to re-organize treaties and not have the web so convoluted.. it needs to be repackaged and re-organized into different groups.. not just everyone has treaties with everyone. There needs to be multiple good guys, and multiple bad guys. There needs to be a proper pecking order of things... right now there is none.. no one knows their place, and no one has a role in a group.. its all convoluted with we're friends with everyone treaties.. but then again, I'm just one person rambling on about nothing..
  7. now this is a logo or this?
  8. I like the new logo, now lets get the new look and layout, and maybe a fb app, and say.. iphone and android apps.. and a new donation system based on credits. also now that you got rid of the dots in the logo, how about the rest of the game
  9. last I checked the conversation with the polar leadership with pacifica was everyone else gets peace that is at war on pacifica's side and then there will be a chance for pacifica to talk terms.. not actually get peace.. but to start to talk terms... what type of BS is that anyways???
  10. there are alot of games that use irc.. most players just dont know they are using irc.. due to the new fancy interfaces..
  11. sure the game is old.. so what.. it does not mean you should just pack it in and go oh well.. why not build a new version of the game??
  12. the only person that can work to save cybernations is admin.. and admin alone.. It will take him to put the effort into doing it.. Does he want our help?? is he willing to take our advice and act on it?? Is he willing to work to save the game, and do what it takes?? raising bonus's to entice larger donations from smaller number of those that donate.. the thing is we should be trying to raise the base.. its been suggested time and again make a world 2 that is a facebook app.. there are 1 billion people on there.. make a android/iphone app.. that would raise the amount of possible users.. a web 2.0 look.. change up nukes, tanks, cm's and make them like planes.. it would change things.. It would be nice if he took the time to comment on what people suggest, or talk about.. that way we know if he's actually listening.. Honestly.. some form of feedback and letting us know that he's listening to what we are saying... Just my thoughts...
  13. looks can attract alot of people..
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