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  1. Not that old? Shoot I only had 1 kid when Ellisonia was founded......I now have 4. lol I feel like I've helped raise a couple of you during my time in CN. 😛 GATO is the only alliance I've ever been a member of in CN and have made many friends over the years. Congrats GATO on this historic birthday from the original GATOld Fart.
  2. Well.... most of us are on the Geritol and walking around on canes but the neat thing is you never who is going to show up when. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, we have been through more drama than daytime TV is allowed to air but we are still here. Popcorn, coke, peanuts, and all. Happy Anniversary GATO!
  3. Happy Birthday to my long time friends at ODN!
  4. Welp there goes our chance for the most destructive war again xR1. Good luck out there.
  5. Glad to see Manis back in gov. Been too long my friend. Excited to see how this term turns out.
  6. Best of luck to you both.
  7. It is my honor to present you with our elected government for the July-August term Assembly Chairman: Laserwolf Minister of Foreign Affairs: Unstpblpimp Minister of Defense: Mightyspoon Minister of Finance: Javier360 Minister of Domestic Affairs: Maxfiles Respectfully, Laserwolf
  8. Grats to the new gov't! Glad to be back in the saddle Krabs.
  9. Since when have we ever been level????? :P Good to see ya Dre4m. :)
  10. Well he did get some of his training in GATO........ ;) Grats to us both! Edit: Typo
  11. Yay peace. Fun fights with everyone I fought. Special shout outs to xR1 and my Umb opponents (looking at TimLee).
  12. Truly sad news. Prayers are with his family & friends during this time of loss. You will be missed Tito.
  13. Many greats have come and gone and have shaped us to be who we are today: old and grumpy. :p Seriously though GATO is the only AA I've ever called home and not regretted it. Happy birthday GATO!
  14. o/ Freelancer 'the brain' behind the III% of 'survivors'. Good hunting.
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