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  1. Thanks. Can I look forward to more of this in a blog of some sort? I need words of wisdom from kingzog in my life.
  2. Kingzog you are very wise. You accurately described umbrella in just a few sentences. We are very jealous of your success because we are but failed alliance leaders who have no hope at succeeding. Do you have any advice on how we could improve our alliance to be like Nordreich or would you mind starting a blog to talk about how successful alliances are built? I would be very interested in hearing your opinions.
  3. Why would you not give them famous british ships...
  4. Avakael - do you plan to do any other sports or just hockey?
  5. This is great news! Good luck on the recovery!
  6. Why do you think it wasn't unanimous?
  7. Yellow sphere recently received a proposal: [background=#e8e8e8]"Recently the ideology of societal improvement through domestic development have spread across nations in the sphere. Recognizing this, leading figures throughout the Yellow team sphere have come together to pass a series of economic and trade agreements.[/size][/background] [background=#e8e8e8]Proposal: The burst of investment and easing of credit from this time of prosperity shall be directed into national improvement projects across the sphere. All nations at peace receive +2 happiness while nations at war receive -2 happin
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