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  1. This is great news! Good luck on the recovery!
  2. Well perhaps the invisible people should be real people and start supporting you publicly. I also think you lack all respect to the people who currently reside in the upper echelon's, they didn't get there by luck and to assume otherwise is naive. People in this thread are not trying be condescending towards you, they know from experience that it takes a lot of work to do what you want. A lot of micros, if they were as organized as you want to believe they can be, would not be micros anymore unless it was by design. Personally I think you kill your own ideas by posting this nonsense, there won't be many who support your ideas because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, nor how to play this game. The only people that would ever think you do know what your talking about are probably clueless as well.
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