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  1. I really do like these sort of things. If it's ok with you, GeniusInc, I'd really love to be apart of one of your next episodes, or at least be in a segment. You can conduct an exit interview on me. I think that I have garnered an interesting perspective being GATO's Minister of Foreign Affairs for 5 out of the last 7 terms, of which those two I wasn't, I had a very strong influence on what we did. I hate to offer you another CnG perspective, but it could be interesting to see how the dynamics of the bloc work from two insider's point of view. Just an offer. :)
  2. Nice to see this relationship formalize and become official. No more hiding in the closet, you two!
  3. Yet again, backwards Elevator proves his enormous ignorance in various aspects by posting such an absurd thread like this. I think numerous people in this thread, most comically by Kaiser Hanseen, stating that this was done without NoR's approval, prove this as I've seen nothing but poor reviews of this whole ordeal itself. This is just really pathetic.
  4. Well, DH really did control everything since DH held two spots in PB, and a large portion of PB was allied to MK. You can ask NG how they felt when they were in PB, when Umb and GOONS primary focus was on DH. It was pretty obvious that DH was in control when they pre-empted NPO back in PB - NpO, and got away with it PR wise.
  5. I had a good giggle at the MK tag. Congratulations to the involved parties.
  6. Congratulations to our Orangie brethren on another completed round of Democracy!
  7. Greetings Cyberverse, I come before you today to announce that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization has just finished it's bi-monthly Executive Elections. We've had a little bit of turnover in our higher ups, but we still have some recognizable faces around our block. The following May - June 2014 Executive Branch of GATO looks as follows: Assembly Chairmen: kerschbs Minister of Foreign Affairs: DarthCyfe6 Minister of Domestic Affairs: maxfiles Minister of Finance: Javier360 Minister of Defense: mightyspoon I would also like to take a moment and recognize a former member on a well earned award. While normally these awards are handed out to current members, an exception can be made in this event as it is well worth it. Dre4mwe4ver - Over his many years in GATO, Dre4m has served this alliance with the utmost honor, dignity, class, and poise. He worked hard through the years to see GATO better off with friends, allies, and even enemies. It brings a smile to my face when I enter Foreign Embassies, and hear the magnificent admiration of Dre4m's labor. While he may no longer be within our grand halls, his spirit ever remains as a proud GATO'an, and I can think of no better person to award this medal too. We can only hope to see new and old kin alike, aspire to be like Dre4m and we look forward to the day he returns to our great halls. Strength in Unity, Honor in Justice Minister of Foreign Affairs DarthCyfe6 Edit: Grammar
  8. Congratulations on 8 years, CCC! Always a great accomplishment. :)
  9. LOL, I never even thought about this, but its hilarious once you point it out. That sig is terribad and you know it.
  10. I like it. Change is always a good thing, especially in a pretty stagnant graphics environment, no offense. :3
  11. Looking forward to seeing Guinness' bright future unfold! Congratulations on the new Gov't.
  12. Congrats on living for 8 years, welcome to the club!
  13. Congratulations to the new R&R government and to Ego's retirement. Try not to ruins things, MF and WS. :3
  14. Friends getting friendlier? No Complaints! Congratulations to our allies in NSF and ODN on this fine treaty! Hopefully you will be able to solve any grievances with this move I hope. ;)
  15. My. Sig. Is. Wrong..!! Very happy to finally see an upgrade between us, it's been a long time coming. o/ NSF o/ GATO
  16. Best of luck moving forward to our NSF allies. It is unfortunate that a viable, working relationship could not be seen between these two alliances in the future and led to this.
  17. Dre4m dearest, it seems that I did rub off on you a bit. You should OWF post more often, it's entertaining watching you. :wub: And thank you for the kind words, Taget. It's very much appreciated throughout the halls of GATO. :)
  18. Good deal, two solid alliances partnering up, I like this. Congratulations to RIA and my friends in NSO.
  19. Congratulations to our Orange brethren on this fine treaty! STA is class act and solid allies to have.
  20. You all suck, especially Myth, he's like the worst ever. Congrats on 1 year, MI6.
  21. Congratulations on 7 short years, CRAP! Here's to more and being a great part to Planet Bob! :)
  22. The return of the lovely TLR ladies! I am quite ok with this. :wub: Congratulations to your new line up, TLR!
  23. Yes, congratulations on signing with NG, only to plot to get them rolled later!! I feel the thankfulness pouring out of your alliance like rainbows coming out of unicorns. Oh wait... I said that out loud? Oops. Either way, I still can't deny you've made Planet Bob more interesting, so kudos on that.
  24. You should really use the "left, right, and center" alignment options when doing your charter, it felt like my eyes were doing a Buddha Belly Dance while reading this. Best of luck to you guys.
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