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  1. Elorian

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Um. Congratulations! I think? *checks her 5 year old notes* Best of luck and all that. Also, where's the beer?
  2. Elorian

    A Farewell to Arms

    I just want to say I will always love NG. And Stewie. Happy to have stirred up trouble with you 《3
  3. Elorian

    GATO Announcement

    I'm too old for this and I have missed like years of announcements. But congratulations! I recognize some names
  4. Elorian

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Aww, hey boss. In all seriousness, for most of my "active" CN career(not really sure what to "" here) I lobbied and spoke for CnG. o/ Forever Ronin though <.<
  5. Elorian

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    How forgettable I was.
  6. Elorian

    Joint DOW

    Hi. Have you met TLR? We were kind of inactive beast even in our prime, now we're like Os said, "associated rabble". Don't expect so damn much. <3 P.S. The traditional "once more unto the breach..." is here.
  7. Elorian

    ODN is 9 years old...

    Happy anniversary, limes!!!  
  8. Don't think I have not tried...   He still says no :/
  9. Elorian

    GATO Elections & stuff

    You finally made it to MoFA, max. Well done!   Congratulations to all elected types and here's to a good term for ya'll.
  10. I have faith that J will (man)handle the alliance into shape or tear it down, whichever is necessary. Thank you for taking up the challenge and lots of love!   I'll faff around in the lunch area, pretending to bake cookies(while I really just order them from the bakery across the street) so I will be suitably retirement-y.   To all our allies, my friends, the not friends but people I respect - thank you for making my life interesting. If there's one thing being a Triumvir in a retirement house with good connections isn't... woah, long sentence. But the point is, it was never dull. :wub:
  11. Elorian

    The Network Shakes It Off

      I agree with you there. But they are not far apart >.<
  12. Elorian

    How to make ice green

      And I am fine with you being a troll.     What I take for my warcry is not for you to decide or complain about. Especially if your statement leaves me completely unsympathetic. Many alliances(including yours) piled on top of us rather unjustly the last few wars. But unlike us, you are rather big and should be able to take it, yes? If we could do it.. *shrugs*   I wish you a good fight.     No apologies required. You fit in perfectly.
  13. Elorian

    The Network Shakes It Off

    Please tell me you didn't pick Taylor Swift as your theme...
  14. Dear citizens and immigrants of Planet Bob, After Hombre's rather awesome Declaration of War(look it up, it is beautiful) with =LOST='s fading glory making it even more fabulous, I feel like my announcement will be... well, less. There are no threats of cancelled bingo night and more greens for dinner at the cafeteria. No poetic passage or two about how we are the shadow of death and have fangs of glittering fairies. Well, we do but that's beside the point. The point is, our dear friends in Non Grata have been attacked and despite my better judgement and high dislike of war in general, we must respond. Because we love our friends. I figure that is pretty obvious from the last wars. And our history. Yeah, sure. Sometimes we're too inactive to react. Well, not this time. I'm up in the middle of the night and I am totally legit! So here we go. New Polar Order. Consider your ice green(get it? Because ice cream...? Oh, forget it, you're hopeless!). Actually, that sounds kind of yummy. Err, don't distract me, you fiends! The Last Remnants hereby declares war on NpO in defense of our friends in Non Grata. <3<3<3 Signed, Elorian Kestral Hombre de Murcielago P.S. Update time DoWs are overrated. Go eat some porridge, champ. We're doing this.
  15. Elorian

    4000 Nukes

    You just watch yourself, NpO, Stewie has a death sentence on twelve systems!   :wub:   Have fun and such.