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  1. Welcome to the Wasteland!

  2. Yes. I am in the Last Remnants. Really.

  3. The last alliance I was a tri for disbanded. HEY! I know your wicked plan
  4. The blogs are terribly war-filled of late. Lets do something light for a change. If you read this, you're infected and must re-blog it with 6 things of your own. 1. My CN forums signature has a different link to a different song whenever I log on here or/and when the mood changes. 2. I am not very good at war. But shh! 3. I really miss Ronin. 4. I am currently 780 minutes of work away from a month off work! 5. I only dislike one person in CN. The rest are okay, awesome or I don't know yet. 6. TLR's jukebox playlist is a bit depressing. Thanks, Taget Yep, that's all for today. Elly
  5. This is my status. I am awake, caffeinated and ready to go. Bring on the daisies.

  6. Ok ok, time to update the status. Inactive-ish but still around. Pwn will kill me if I try to leave. Send help ;)

  7. Kui müristab ja välku lööb, siis vanapagan silku sööb.

  8. Spring, please. Thank you.

  9. Give me back my ice and snow...

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