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  1. This is because I tagged you to be 004, isn't it?
  2. RIP ~things we can't talk about here, sorry~
  3. The Vox is dead, long live the Vox, etc.
  4. Chimaera

    New adventure

    You know where to go, jrkee.
  5. Of course, the real problem is that alliances which are willing to stir things up and are active enough to promote some intrigue are routinely smacked down because of it. Grudges and actual drama are good for the planet...they just don't work with the current grouping of alliances we've got.
  6. Chimaera

    The 'C' word

    Hey, Dajobo - you've kicked everything's ass around here, so cancer should be cake for a fighter like you. You got this, brother. We're all thinking of you in this tough time.
  7. It's a damn pleasure to be, for the first time, sharing an alliance with you. But it's more of a pleasure to be your friend, Shuru. You're a rather remarkable human being, and we're all the better for you being in our lives.
  8. You know, we really don't intend to do it. Someone will post a thread in our private chan just for people to look at and BAM suddenly 15 MI6 posts on the first page and I'm facepalming. It's a product of the active community more than a desire to be OWF present - cause trust me, we hate the OWF as much as anyone.
  9. Yes, MI6 has yet to dominate CN in its mere year and a half of existence. Sorry? I never claimed to have a timeline for that ultimate goal.
  10. MI6's activity is both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. We all know that and accept it. The 'smugness' was an OWF persona adopted for our own entertainment value (well except maybe Myth!), and not a reflection of the alliance we are - as our friends and allies would tell you. We're convenient to blame for what's happening now, and I do applaud our enemies - even the ones we didn't know we'd made for sure until they kindly informed us - for taking that opportunity we handed them. This is an alliance that has 35 or so members on IRC a night and, with less than 1% of CN's player base, probably has 10% of its OWF posts for the past year and a half. So yeah, it's easy to point out a few posts or a couple poaches and to take it negatively from there. But this is also an alliance that fiercely defends its allies, has one of CN's best growth rates and economic efficiency ratings, fights like hell and has made a dead game new again to nearly a hundred people. So I'm pretty proud of it. Your attacks are both tired and expected, Rush. Enjoy the waning days of this world as you see fit - so will we.
  11. I must say, it is an absolute pleasure to finally share an alliance with Gopher.
  12. Chimaera

    Recruit Me

    You know what you must do. You received an encoded transmission with your orders, Operative, and you are expected to carry them out.
  13. Don't I call everyone a !$$^%! moron?
  14. ...it's an interview with an old friend. If you're reading anything else into it, you're a damn fool.
  15. I sure enjoy rustling feathers, though.
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