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  1. I mean, it's definitely better than two entirely separate OWF threads comprised of twenty straight posts by the same person.
  2. The level of discourse in this thread has rather quickly devolved from 'f *&$ing horrific and not based in reality' to 'Junka would be genuinely impressed with the amount of self-aggrandizing nonsense on display here' I just wanted to remind you all that I am, in fact, still in peace mode so that we could get back on the topic of Keres making a fool of herself.
  3. We are glad to fight alongside our allies in Sparta once more.
  4. Nice treaty, guys! Good to see friends and allies getting closer.
  5. I'm not the MI6 leader *anyway*. I've served as M for one term in the past...eight? And it was to coordinate the rebuild after last war. MI6's current M's are ForSparta and Avakael, and I've made it quite clear internally in MI6 that I don't intend to run for M anytime soon. I know that messes with the 'hurr durr Chim is literally MI6 dear god' nonsensical circlejerk you guys have got going on in here, but that is the truth of the matter. And if Kersch wants to run for M, he knows damn well I'd support him. Also, I went to PM after the war started, not before. Not my fault nobody came and hit me. I'll be out soon enough, but you guys have fun with the narrative in the meantime. It's pretty damn entertaining, I'll grant you that.
  6. Yeah, I hate that, too. Xanth is a really cool dude, and he posted a topic specifically asking to be recruited. We thought it would be really cool and funny if we went INSANELY overboard...he took it as insulting instead of silly, and I'm sure we were inadvertently dicks instead of being fun, and it's led to years of animosity. I regret that a lot, because Xanth and I had always gotten along really well until then. Sometimes, !@#$ just happens between people. I'd fix that in a heartbeat if I thought I could.
  7. Hold on. What NG member have I ever recruited? Even I've got standards. The only ex-NG that's ever joined MI6, to my knowledge, were Kerschbs (from GATO when we formed), and...crap, what was his name. The guy we kicked out. Unkajo. MI6 has certainly poached in the past, and we aggressively recruit active people looking for homes, but I genuinely don't believe I've ever recruited anyone from NG. Edit: I'm being told Kersch was never in Non Grata. Sorry, Kersch, didn't mean to sully your good name.
  8. He went peace mode when he reactivated his nation long before coming to MI6; doesn't have a choice in the matter.
  9. Devin spent like...six or eight hours on IRC getting to know our guys before applying? And he's already participated in multiple community events here. I wouldn't worry too much about him. I doubt very much that he's unhappy. Orbital baby cannons? They'd have to be really big babies, right? They'd just burn up in re-entry and we'd get showered with blood and body parts. Which honestly just sounds like now we're in a death metal music video.
  10. Wait, TOP was around in 2006? Dude, I really didn't know that. Awesome milestone for you gentlemen.
  11. Came to terms with that months ago; when three ex-TBCers and one current TBCer tell us about this particular post and give us some of the names on it (I see Levon was a recent acquisition of yours), it starts being really damn funny when you're attacking us for it.
  12. I don't really see any need to rebut abject nonsense, frankly. Bomber routinely rejected direct orders from the M's - the alliance had made it quite clear, an opinion that, yes, I shared, that a relationship and alliance with TBC was not something anyone in MI6 (yourself included) wanted, 'natural' ally or not. They burned too many bridges, and it's pretty clear they've been planning to do this for a very long time. And the accusations of poaching, when your government keeps a posted list of MI6ers they intend to poach, is one of the funniest god damn things I've ever had the pleasure of reading on this forum.
  13. I'm sorry...who's doing the punching here, exactly? "Dear God, I'm so angry that I'm punching you!" isn't a particularly compelling argument to anyone outside the nonsensical sycophants you now call friends.
  14. You seem a little bit angry, Bomber. I guess war's a good way to get that out.
  15. I think you might be messing up your timelines a little here. You're upset with us for angering your members...after you'd declared war on us? I fail to see the issue.
  16. I'm fairly certain the last person who was 'incessantly badgered' about joining by MI6 was Xanth, in a thread that went very hilariously wrong, a very long time ago. It's all well and good that you guys are coming up with excuses after the fact - that's certainly your right - and we're more than happy to take (most) of you down a few pegs. Have fun out there, TBC. I'd say I'm sorry it's come to this between us, but god, I really would be lying then.
  17. Yeah, because that's definitely the right point to be making here.
  18. And to play Devil's Devil's Advocate, I don't intend to stay there. What the hell is the strategic value of letting the enemy choose when they engage me when they've given me the opportunity not to do so?
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