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  1. I barely play cybernations anymore and have not really followed anything CN wise for at least 9 months now. However the few times I did sign in it was evident to me that my alliance, MI6, has not changed much overall and still has the habit of pissing others off regardless if it was our intention or not. These DoWs do not surprise me at all given the antagonism protruding from my alliance since at least the time of TBC forming, even an inactive husk could see it. Maybe this alliance will finally change for the better. Regardless I will enjoy my wars and look forward to using up all of my nukes.
  2. I'm surprised you mustered up the nuts Petro. You couldn't do this last week?
  3. SNX is surely doomed then. :wub:
  4. 9 years is a very long time, congratulations.
  5. You Only Live Twice Accords Preamble The Phoenix Federation and MI6 (hereafter referred to as "the signatories") do hereby enter into this agreement as a testament to their new friendship. With the signing of this document, the signatories lay the foundation for a future of coordination and cooperation between trusted allies. This non-chaining mutual defense and optional aggression treaty shall tie the signatories together for their mutual benefit. Article I - Non-aggression, Intelligence, and Sovereignty It is hereafter resolved that both signatories shall abstain from any form of aggression against the other. For the duration of this agreement both signatories will remain autonomous entities. No efforts shall be made to undermine or compromise the sovereignty, security, or other interests of the signatories. The signatories will share any and all information in their possession which could affect the application of this treaty. This includes any information acquired regarding foreign sources that might threaten or affect the other signatory's security or other interests, including but not limited to potential threats of war and espionage. This also includes important information regarding one of the signatories of which the other signatory should be made aware, including but not limited to the signing of new treaties and the imminent declaration of war. Article II - Defense The signatories agree to act for their mutual defense both militarily and economically. If called upon, a signatory must assist the other in cases of foreign aggression with all means at their disposal. This assistance may include coordination of military targets, the designation of strategic objectives, the distribution of war aid, and membership in larger wartime coalitions. In the event a signatory is attacked as the result of their own engagement in an ongoing conflict, military assistance is no longer mandatory. This agreement does not chain with any other treaties either signatory might possess. Article III - Aggression Should either signatory initiate hostilities or expand an ongoing conflict, the other signatory may assist this new campaign to whatever extent they desire. Article IV - Cancellation Should either signatory verifiably violate any provision of this agreement, it may be immediately voided at the discretion of the other signatory. Should either signatory decide that the continuation of this agreement is no longer in their best interests, they may provide private notice to the other signatory of their intent to terminate the treaty. After notice is provided, the treaty will remain in full effect for a 72 hour period before it is nullified. Signed for MI6 Chimaera, M salsabeast1, M Kerschbs, 001 Duelking, 002 Roy Mustang, 003 Gopherbashi, 004 Devilyn Caster, 005 James Bond, 007 Signed for The Phoenix Federation Evil Overlord: the bringer of all that is evil and those that fear to say his name, his holiness : HailSatan Phoenix Magistrate of Foreign Affairs: wicked tongue of the world, talker to all : Hictok Phoenix Magistrate of Internal Affairs: Master of pen : Grabem Phoenix Magistrate of War: Master leader of death and destruction : Leeguy Ember: retired but not dead but active enough to be named here : grahamkeatley aka GK
  6. Just a quick update to those it concerns- we are conducting spring cleaning at MI6 and the following embassies have not been posted in since at the latest August. They will be deleted on March 10th if nobody posts in it until then. Aurora Borealis Alternian Empire DBDC Exodus North Star Federation The International Nordreich Terran Empire LSF The Law Legion The Daggerfall Covenant Non Grata The Last Remnants Siberian Tiger Alliance United Purple Nations The Templar Knights As a reminder, MI6's current allies are Valhalla- MDoAP GOONS- Classified Thank you.
  7. A very prosperous term is ahead of us, these 3 months will be wonderful :) o/ MI6
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