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  1. I guess it could have been better worded or I could have chosen a better example. I quoted and responded to a NG specific response to talk about NG. I am very much aware that they are separate entities. It was an example of how LH, much like NG, is trying to move on from their past behavior and be better, but people still have certain perceptions that are hard to shake and that it is easy to fall into old habits again. Much like, despite NG getting treaties with RIA etc, I find it difficult to see proof that they are actually any different than the group that I've fought for a better part of 8
  2. To be fair, we tried treaties with NG in the past. We had a nice Maroon wide NAP that was immediately dumped to roll us "other" maroon alliances as soon as the opportunity arose. I will say the "we voted 48 hrs ago to leave the treaty...you have 24 hrs left of the 72 hr grace period" cancellation clause was well worth it though. I am more than willing to work stuff out with NG. I keep hearing that this is a new NG and all that stuff, but I keep seeing the same patterns of behavior that tell me the only thing that was changed was a pair of socks. I can make the same argu
  3. Sometimes even Rats can be Cool People too...even if they are a tad impulsive.
  4. I thought your CB on KNB was bad. Think this one is honestly somehow more flimsy. Congrats.
  5. I appreciate your effort in this war Avalanche. Please know it did not go unnoticed.
  6. Never thought I'd see another day without GOONS in this game. Even though I normally fought against GOONS, I am sad to see you guys go. Best of luck in your new homes. o/ GOONS
  7. Congrats on the treaty guys. o/ our buds in Invicta o/ White Chocolate since we go way back
  8. 8 years ago today, I made the terrible mistake of starting an alliance...and got way too sucked into this game. Through the guidance and blessings of Zort, CRAP has made it to this milestone. All glory and praise be to the Almighty Zort!!
  9. Awww I was secretly hoping Phoenix Police Force was back again... Congrats on your rebirth though.
  10. AFM has been a part of several losing wars (you should know being that AFM fought against the same opponents time and time again...NG being one of them). This last war was no different. It did affect political/FA view points afterwards, however. We could have tried to tough it out until everyone kept biting their tongue to the point of bleeding and ended up hated each other to the point of no return...like blocs have done in the past, or end it now while burning as few bridges as possible. No sense making the same mistakes others before us have made.
  11. Many happy times were had in this bloc. Wish you guys nothing but the best moving forward.
  12. Pretty big shoes to fill. Best of luck.
  13. Can't you guys be happy with the curbstomp your side is doing? This is ridiculous. Kick their ass Avalanche!
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