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  1. 3,006. What a time to be alive.
  2. Funnily enough, people weren't boring and miserable in the first few years of those statistics. It's a result, not a cause.
  3. Being boring and miserable is quite nice, though. In the world that is Planet Bob, it seems to be quite effective. I haven't seen a reason to abandon it.
  4. Spotted hyenas have a highly vulnerable pack mentality that prevents them from truly taking over anything that isn't a medium-sized ungulate. Their inability to function without being a completely co-dependent group leaves them open to being easily separated and killed off. Which is how every single predator deals with them. Striped hyenas are just useless scavengers that nobody pays attention to.
  5. Thank you, irrelevant micro. Sincerely, irrelevant macro.
  6. It's very enjoyable how easily words intended to rile you have done so. This doesn't make you any more relevant, though.
  7. I think people massively overstate how interesting this game is at the best of times.
  8. If the veterans of your previous alliances won't even validate you as a true ex-member, you can't be worth what you try and make yourself out to be.
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