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This Week In Umbrella Arrogance We Have a Special Guest

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A Joint Display of Arrogance




The below signatories, Umbrella and The Dark Templar (DT), come together on this fine day to recognize and formally express the fact that we are unequivocally better than all of you.


I. Peace Among Your Betters


Umbrella and DT agree to resolve all problems and disagreements through civil dialogue and to never attack one another.  More importantly Umbrella and DT agree to disagree on which of us is actually better.  However we're pretty sure that it's Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT Umbrella DT  Average Korean Girls What the hell SCM?...


II. The Intelligence You Lack


Umbrella and DT each agree to share any information that may concern the other's security that they may come across whilst interacting with the dregs of society.


III. Defense Against the Plebs


Should either signatory come under attack by a third party the other signatory is obligated to provide the defender with any requested financial and military aid.  Although they probably won't even need any help because the third party in question is sure to be a complete incompetent.


IV. Everyone Else is Dumb


Should either signatory enter into a conflict by way of a treaty activation with a third party, Article III becomes optional.  Because seriously, why are you even allied to that crappy alliance?  They are nowhere near as good as us.


V. Re-education


If either signatory decides that they will no longer tolerate the blatant inferiority of a third party, the other signatory has the option to participate in any forced re-education efforts.  These efforts may (and likely do) include all forms of military attacks to ensure proper demonstration and maximum retention.


VI. Whoops This Guy Sucks Too


Should Umbrella or DT decide that the other signatory no longer lives up to their lofty standards, they are required to give them 72 hours notice before the articles in this agreement become null and void.  They must be given time to integrate back into the rabble.


Signed for the Dark Templar,

Bob - Triumvir
Supa_troop3r - Triumvir
TiTaN - Triumvir
Starcraftmazter - High Templar of Defense
Piejonk - High Templar of Finance

shirunei - Immortal



Signed for Umbrella,

President: JoshuaR
Vice-President: Roquentin (AKA The Juice)
Head-Envoy: WhiteMajik
Envoys: DylanCarter, LegendoftheSkies, and TimLee
Field Marshal: Natan
Economist: MrHiott
Generator: domisi



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