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  1. So you finally admitted it. I knew you were a ODN, CDS, \m/,NAAC, FAN,Greenland Republic, Hyperion,Nemesis, IAA MK spy Yah MK thats the one!
  2. I thought the MK remnants joined TOP? I'm confused now. What are we talking about here? That doom-squad is joining DT/DT probes and doomsquad is somehow just ex-MK? and this some how negates our impressive growth?
  3. supa you so secksy ;o

  4. [quote name='Masterof9puppets' timestamp='1317587410' post='2814044'] Giiiit some. [/quote] I'll catch up. Just gottah raid moar.
  5. Hmm, MoP, Rak and Auinur all in the top 25
  6. yea, well fd isnt too into it, neither am i but i still get on every day and do tech deals and !@#$, anyways message me in game if your tryin to talk, I wanna be updated on whats going on with those faaags in csn, i so wish i didnt demilatarize to grow quicker, and i dont have any war wonders, besides the manhatten project, i wanna jump in and fight csn with you guys even if we get gangbanged haha

  7. You all still play this? lmao no wai !

  8. how ya been old pal? me and fd would sure like to help you guys woop csns asses right now, but we are not war ready

  9. Smeckcy gov. I look foward to working with you all!
  10. I look forward making our bond much stronger
  11. Some what reminds me of when PC raided DT. But we picked protection.
  12. [quote name='Haflinger' date='11 March 2010 - 12:21 PM' timestamp='1268324799' post='2222170'] DT Probes is also not protected by this logic [/quote] Not so much, due to DT probes in a rank within our charter and still a member. Some what the same relationship blackwater and the order of the black rose share? From my understanding of that matter. Side note: I don't see what the point of this thread was. Poison clan already stated before this thread, reparations were not going to be paid. So echelon government does what? Post a thread, whining about how ebil Poison Clan is? All this
  13. Wait... you were in clan soviet. Lolz That's funny I never knew that. What server? I was in clan silent.
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