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  1. supa you so secksy ;o

  2. yea, well fd isnt too into it, neither am i but i still get on every day and do tech deals and !@#$, anyways message me in game if your tryin to talk, I wanna be updated on whats going on with those faaags in csn, i so wish i didnt demilatarize to grow quicker, and i dont have any war wonders, besides the manhatten project, i wanna jump in and fight csn with you guys even if we get gangbanged haha

  3. You all still play this? lmao no wai !

  4. how ya been old pal? me and fd would sure like to help you guys woop csns asses right now, but we are not war ready

  5. Wait... you were in clan soviet. Lolz That's funny I never knew that. What server? I was in clan silent.
  6. me love you long time mr.supa

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