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  1. Dylan Carter

    GOONS Government Changes

    Congrats Milton!
  2. Dylan Carter

    Joint TOP-TSK Announcement

    Good stuff, congrats.
  3. Dylan Carter

    A R&R-NPO vow renewing ceremony

    Congrats guys :]
  4. Dylan Carter

    Happy Holidays from GLoF

    Happy hunting, GLoF.
  5. Dylan Carter

    7 Years of Umbrella

    I'm glad the menorah flag got to see the light of day again.       93% isn't perfect, but I guess it's not bad.  When did we lose that half year?
  6. Dylan Carter

    For Real DoW, I Checked

    Have fun GLOF!
  7. Dylan Carter

    Disciples in a Sandstorm

    Good comic.  Have fun fellas :]
  8. Dylan Carter

    NPO Declaration of War

    Good stuff.
  9. Dylan Carter

    Kaskus-MI6 propaganda thread

    <&Auctor> how're you <@DylanCarter> I could use a nap <@DylanCarter> how about you? <&Auctor> let the record reflect Umbrella just offered us an NAP
  10. Dylan Carter

    The Righteous Orators Legacy League - Season 5

      I think my division is going to be a bloodbath this year, I like your prediction more.   I already miss my RB security blanket :[
  11. Dylan Carter

    An Announcement from Sengoku and the Viridian Entente

    Good to see, congrats guys
  12. Dylan Carter

    Umbrella Announcement

    C.R.E.A.M.   #justiceforAuctor 
  13. Glad to see this announcement. It really is.