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  1. Dear Phil Collins:

    More Phil Collins, please.


    All the cool people

  2. Totally PM'd something up at you.

  3. ohhh, that's some good lookin' treaty right there! Congrats to the both of ya! (Could've sworn this happenned last month, though...)
  4. Was going to say something along the lines of "good to see STA back up on its feet," but truthfully, as batterred as some of your nations got, they wouldn't quit. Good work channelling that energy into your rebuild!
  5. Done and done. Thanks STA! It was entertaining!
  6. [quote name='The Great One' timestamp='1325734466' post='2892983'] You are still neglecting to point out the misrepresentations. [/quote] Call it a night, sir. You're grasping, and it's not pretty. Put this one in the "learn from it" column and we'll see you another time, alright? Cheers!
  7. [quote name='Tygaland' timestamp='1325733577' post='2892964'] Yet, you neglected to point out the misrepresentations. [/quote] Come on now, we all expect better of you than this. You don't have to feign stupidity - it's okay to admit you didn't think your earlier post through, and we'll just move on. No need to be embarrassed.
  8. Well done, Colossus & WAPA! [quote name='Tygaland' timestamp='1325729805' post='2892910'] Was KoH aware that the rebuilding aid was a loan that need not be repaid should KoH comply with your demands of their miltary in future? I mean, if you were upfront about the aid being a payment for servitude forever then I withdraw my disappointment at you reclaiming the money and tech back. If there was no such pre-agreement at the time the aid was offered then your actions are indeed petty and my disappointment stands. [/quote] What a ridiculous willful misinterpretation. Whatever you f
  9. Give 'em the broken face! o/ Colossus!
  10. It's early, but so far I'm finding my STA opponents to be careful and well-managed fighters, and I'm enjoying squaring off with them. My first loves are GLoF and AZTEC, but my existing esteem for STA is growing.
  11. [quote name='raasaa' timestamp='1298311535' post='2640758'] this is not good.....not good at all....i see very dark things in the future for GLOF [/quote] haha, like an anti-pun? (oxy-pun?) I get it!
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