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  1. Ugh, iits actually kind of gross that this is the thing people are seizing upon,. I miss wars that had actual controversy. Fixed it, even though it really didn't need to be done.
  2. If down-declaring is truly an issue, RIA is welcome to invite friends. As is, we're holding back, limiting oursleves to a target list of those RIA nations who have directly attacked our allies in Aurora Borealis. About the most merciful whirlwind ever reaped after hitting an MDAP bloc, I'd say.
  3. Dear everyone: The Grand Lodge of Freemasons gets out of its impressively comfortable chair, and begins the first phase in a series of phases towards formal discussions in Council to deliberate the merits of declaring war on RIA in defence of our AZTEC brothers, Aurora Borealis. ... Yeah, you know, we heard it too. Okay, come on, just let's go. Signed, GLoF (comments, concerns, and expensive seasonal gift baskets may be sent to Grand Master Timmy.)
  4. Cant' see a number on the AZTEC slice. Confirms what I always suspected: We defy quantification.
  5. Well, AZTEC was about as handsome as it could get (you're welcome,) adding additional I.Q. seemed like a good next move.
  6. Knew about this the day Sengoku declared war.
  7. Good spot. It was that raiding activity that got us talking, and it turned out, we can work together pretty well. DS has been completely committed to elevating their game, including being humble about their mistakes. Also, they torched PNU, which still makes us chuckle.
  8. For the Grand Lodge of Freemasons: Penedono, Grand Master Ben Stalker, Grand Chancellor Auctor, Grand Treasurer TNAGlimmerman, Grand Superintendant Lemax, Grand Knight
  9. His O-face will freeze on permanently when he reads this thread. Good to see someone taking the high road.
  10. The Grand Lodge of Freemasons - Penedono - Most recent (semi-annual) election announcement thread
  11. I'll admit, my main personal gripe is losing more than 4 years of alliance seniority. Its pure vanity, I know, but there it is. Could a fella submit a screen shot and cash donation and have their seniority reinstated? I'd kick in a couple dollars for the hassle, merrily. Would also like to back a suggestion in this thread: Pre-signups for approved alliances leaders to get the keys to their AA would prevent some bellyaching and hand-wringing, and be hugely appreciated by many of us. Also: Thanks for putting the effort in, Admin. Whatever you bolt on, as always, we'll make it work.
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