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  1. I'd appreciate it if you could leave P&W out of this game.
  2. it's awfully easy to talk big from hippy mode on an aa that you aren't a part of
  3. to quote a famous and yet under appreciated poet: DO IT
  4. bet you won't hit him also this thread is funny good job guys a+ 10/10 would read again
  5. [spoiler] Mr. Robot didn't kiss his sister. Mr. Robot is Elliot's Dad, Elliot kissed his sister. [/spoiler]
  6. Shout out to MI6 for launching wars on VE and then selling off infra to try to get out of range of Umbrella
  7. Glad to have my name on this. It's been a long time coming, glad to call Pacifica friends.
  8. o/ congrats guys! happy to see our allies have this kind of growth.
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