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  1. Been pushing for these kind of terms for years. A big fan
  2. I'd like to thank everyone that I've rolled and raided to get here. 9,556,150 Attacking + 14,822,326 Defending = 24,378,476 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #10 of 4,229 Nations (Top 0.24%)
  3. Thanks for the update. Need 400k more... Going to have to get creative to find some targets.
  4. Couple that with a Hidden Missile Silo and the damage will cripple entire alliances
  5. We messed up on this one... Should have been done 4 years ago
  6. No one under the rank of All Seeing Eye may post in this topic. Signed, Oculus
  7. Also this thread has blown my mind. How do so many people not know how the war mechanics work after 10+ years.
  8. Uh we have never cared about staggering under 100k ns. Want to know why? Take a guess.
  9. Dont worry, Im sure I'll be seeing you next week. There is only one thing in this game that's earned. Casualties. Maybe one day you will catch up.
  10. Glad that we have quality mods who keep everything running smooth and people on topic. Also. This is a tech raid. PM for peace.
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