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  1. Tywin is the ultimate source of unbiased information.
  2. You'll be hearing about this in our next gossip session.
  3. If you play your cards right Auctor, you may one day get a thread on our glorious forums.
  4. If any alliance actually takes him in then they don't actually read the OWF tbf. But I'll stop here, I'd hate to completely take over this thread with my whopping three posts!
  5. I was unaware ZI sentences needed to be recorded on the OWF. If you really didn't care about this guy and thought he was a joke, you wouldn't give him what he wants (OWF attention).
  6. Yes make another Buckaroo thread, that will solve the problem!
  7. I cry myself to sleep at night watching your alliance burn to the ground really. I'll try to control my raging butthurt though! (try harder)
  8. I just wish all our forums could be filled with rainbows, butterfly's and members without opinions like NG's.
  9. And here I thought we were going with leaking a report card!
  10. You need to understand that peace talks happen by irc not on the OWF. Plus peace talks have been in the process.
  11. Angry tears are the most delicious of tears.
  12. Once again I look upon a TLR thread disappointed that you haven't gotten rid of Stefano. Oh well maybe next time! (although I approve of Elorian in tri)
  13. I guess they'll be hearing from GPA raiders soon then?
  14. To: bros2 From: buckaroo13 Date: 1/3/2014 9:45:59 AM Subject: MK revolution Message: Is your alliance interested in joining the upcoming CN revolution?
  15. I'll sleep better at night knowing umbrella is safe from RnR.
  16. "Hey let's all make a thread solely devoted to giving Rota attention! That will surely show him!"
  17. Everybody stop what you're doing, US would like us to pay attention to him in this thread.
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