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  1. You couldn't get me to read IRC logs back in the day and there's no way you're going to get me to read Discord logs today.
  2. I spy a few names I recognize. Congratulations I guess?
  3. I'm not sure why you're boasting so much about being mediocre at best at a tank game when your whole schtick was how an independent Hawaii would become a superpower if it could just seize the US Pacific Fleet. Nevermind the fact that your group doesn't even have enough members to man a dingy let alone the training to actually operate a warship. I don't see this dumpy tank game teaching you those skills. At least stay on brand and play a naval game.
  4. I wouldn't mind a visual representation of what is or isn't actually happening in the world.
  5. I have enough to read already, thank you.
  6. A shame all of these old timers are returning with such an uninteresting political dynamic to greet us.
  7. I'll never forget. I find it easier to remember you than 9/11.
  8. That's a lot of writing after the fact to justify a ridiculous ban on someone who posted within your new parameters. When discussions all too easily become de facto polls of public opinion, discouraging assent or dissent stifles discussion more than any one word garbage posts ever have.
  9. It really is unfortunate that both RnR and NATO have been allowed to exist for so long. Perhaps this useless bloc called Oculus will rectify the situation.
  10. Well it's nice to see some community outreach by the police moderation staff. Post the new rules so I can complain about them.
  11. Still confirmed for this month. Lol.
  12. Encouraging people to post on reddit is tantamount to crimes against humanity.
  13. You've summed up coalition warfare for the last few years very well. I don't expect it will change anytime soon.
  14. Mmm, yes it is true that I can't understand just how deluded you really are even though the evidence has been right in front of me over the years. Let me know when you have something interesting to say because nobody ever cared for your rambling nonsense much in the same manner only morons thought Brehon's "rants" had any substance or actual meaning besides foaming-of-the-mouth idiocy. IRON isn't responsible because IRON is incompetent? Well if you say so. Surely their political and military backing of that coalition had nothing to do with people believing that they could actually push thos
  15. The NPO doesn't always have to be the enemy but I will never trust them since they have given me no reason to over the last 8 years. I have no qualms with pointing out when they are blatantly lying or overplaying their position. Like last war when they were complaining that the watered down terms they received were harsher and just as undeserved as Karma's when they attempted to levy harsher terms on Umbrella along with IRON and AI (now Valhalla) in EQ. As for your weak part about how you won't trust us ever again; Do whatever you think would satisfy your friends in the NPO if it makes you fe
  16. I'm pretty sure OBR, RotR and whatever their third AA is meets your federation idea. They are ultimately the same entity but each have their own rules and individual purpose.
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