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  1. I'm a big fan of the minimalist posting style that seems to be more common these days. Right to the point, no unnecessary polemics over this or that action. Good luck with simpler foreign policy.
  2. You really ought to reconsider that.
  3. All those moments lost in time, posts in vain.
  4. Having been in a similar position where as a leader I had to deal with the fallout of a member's bigoted comments directed at others, I believe you've taken the right step here Stewie and I wish you all the best in moving Non Grata past this incident.
  5. Watch out everyone. We have a tough guy here.
  6. Desperately clinging to a fictionalized version of the past is very on brand for you. Turn off your computer.
  7. I didn't think it was possible for y'all to be even lazier than you were in 2010, but yet here we are.
  8. Very liberal use of the phrase here, Jason. Wanting a garbage alliance to go away isn't the same thing as being salty.
  9. Now hold on, I am both a Wobbly and literate. Thank you very much.
  10. Lovely metagaming going on in here.
  11. Doomhouse sends their regards.
  12. Nothing makes me feel older than this announcement could.
  13. You couldn't get me to read IRC logs back in the day and there's no way you're going to get me to read Discord logs today.
  14. I spy a few names I recognize. Congratulations I guess?
  15. I'm not sure why you're boasting so much about being mediocre at best at a tank game when your whole schtick was how an independent Hawaii would become a superpower if it could just seize the US Pacific Fleet. Nevermind the fact that your group doesn't even have enough members to man a dingy let alone the training to actually operate a warship. I don't see this dumpy tank game teaching you those skills. At least stay on brand and play a naval game.
  16. I wouldn't mind a visual representation of what is or isn't actually happening in the world.
  17. I have enough to read already, thank you.
  18. A shame all of these old timers are returning with such an uninteresting political dynamic to greet us.
  19. I made the mistake of assuming you were still in that particular garbage dump and didn't know you moved on to another one. I know you were never particularly good at politics but the decision we made to sit out the war was far better than picking either side. As for GOONS choosing to disband instead of allowing inertia to carry us forward when most of the members no longer wanted to put in the time or effort to manage the alliance, I'd say that's a decision that was well made. Those that wanted to either stick around or simply wanted to see what would happen (like me) as a result of this absurd super-bloc joined alliances like Umbrella or VE. I don't believe it would have been fair for the rest of the membership, and especially for the government, to try to force people that simply no longer cared, including the government, to suddenly start caring again. We accomplished a lot through Doom House and we angered a lot of uptight spergs like yourself throughout our existence. There isn't much left keeping the world interesting now and frankly, it's only going to continue becoming more monolithic and boring. So our official goodbye could be read something like this: C ya l8r, nerds. Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not) but MI6 attempted to blackmail Umbrella so they dumped you. RIP in pepperoni, you.
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