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Keep on Rokkin'

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[center]Denizens of Planet Bob:

Two of the following three things are true: Ragnarok just celebrated its fifth birthday, Yukon Don has stepped down as Emperor, and we are closing our doors.

In what I am sure shall come as a great disappointment to our naysayers, Ragnarok in fact turned five on September 21st (we were far too drunk to make an announcement) and shortly thereafter Emperor Yukon Don announced his retirement from the royal throne, citing real life committments. Rather than close our doors, however, Yukon Don asked me to serve as his successor and somehow conned me into accepting.

Therefore, Cyberverse, I come to you today as Wombaticus, 7th Emperor of Ragnarok. Those few of you who remember me may recall that I am of an era of Old-Time Rokkers, back from the original Van Hoo administration. I come to this position at a time of transition for Ragnarok. As I began my administration last week, I promised my alliance that we will now endeavor to make everything old new again, and begin anew with a fresh slate. Part of that is our new government, a mix of old and new:

Emperor: Wombaticus
Regent: Jekalle

Skati of War: Kinzer
Skati of Foreign Affairs: TheRec
Skati of Internal Affairs: Lysandros
Skati of Finance: xgoartemis
Skati of Education: Brandon1

Emperor's Guard: Daedric_Banrae

With this new regime also comes new efforts, both internal and external, to renew our home and our history. Ragnarok will once again turn outwards to greet friends both old and new, strengthening ancient ties and building novel ones. I hope that all of you, regardless of your feelings about the past, will join with us as we stride into a new future.[/center]

[center]o/ Ragnarok[/center]

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Since when are your ministers "Skati" and not "Lords"?

In any case, your guys' lineups are always a huge nostalgia factor for me. Good luck in doing something good with Ragnarok, but I feel like every time that happens you guys just plunge further. It's unfortunate, really.

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This is something i'm happy to see. If there's two people who can turn around Rok it's Wombat and Jekalle. Also seeing Kinzer up there is an added bonus. I wish you guys the best of luck moving forward and hopefully one day we may call each other friends once again.

o/ Rok

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Honestly, I'm really glad to see RoK back in public. I do hope that you can bring RoK back, Wombat.

You have quite a lot on your shoulders, along with friends still left in this world, so you're not alone in this ^_^

o/ RoK

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