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  1. The Flag of Heirs of a long forgotten Empire Краљевина Југославија / Kraljevina Jugoslavija General Information Official Name: Kraljevina Jugoslavija (Краљевина Југославија) (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) Official Demonym: Jugoslaveni (Југословени) (Yugoslavian) National language: Srpski (српски) (Serbian) Official National Anthem: Bože pravde (Боже правде) (God of Justice) Official Motto: Jedan narod, jedan kralj, jedna država (Један народ, један краљ, једна држава) (One Nation, One King, One Country) Government Information Government Type: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy --- Head of State: HM Kralj Dragojev Dusan Belojevic --- --- Regent: Petar Ðordevic Božovic --- --- --- Crown Prince: Alexander Karadordevic Great Council: Veliki Savet (Велики Cавет) - Internal Affairs and Telecommunications: Borivoje Vladislavic Kovac - Justice: Jadran Markovic Mlakar - Foreign Affairs: Dražen Zoric Cižek - Finance: Bor Goranic Klements - Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Sava Lukavic Jovanovic - Health, Labour and Wellfare: Bako Vlasic Lompar - Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Vlatko Ilic Jankovic - Economy, Trade and Industry: Zlatan Pavlovic Pukar - Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Ajla Pavlovic Pukar - Environment: Sonja Gavrilovic Stanislavic - Defense: Milenko Petrovic Božovic - Navy: Jela Radic Zorica - Orthodox Christianity: Patrijarh Irinej - Roman Catholicism: Archbishop Marin Srakić - Sunni Islam: Grand Mufti Husein Kavazović Administrative/Demographic Information National Capital: Beograd Largest City: Beograd Major Metropolitan Areas: Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Pristina, Ni, Split, Podgorica, Rijeka, Tuzla, Bitola, Nikić Population: 22,275,684 million Ethnicity: 41.01% Serbs (Srbi), 20.42% Croats (Hrvati), 9.81% Albanians (Albanci), 9.44% Bosniaks (Bonjaci), 7.37% Slovenes (Slovenci), 5.97% Macedonians (Makedonci), 1.47% Montenegrins (Crgnogorci), 4.51% Others/undeclared Area: 255,804 km2 Gross Domestic Product (total/p.c.): $200,060 billion/$10,655 Currency: Yugoslav dinar / динар (YUD ЈYд) Drives on the: Right International calling code: +38 Internet top-level domain: .yu Diplomatic Ties & Treaties: Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts Directorate of Alvonia: Central Powers Mutual Defense Pacts Aidennic Alexandria: Brothers of the Faith (Solely within the Mediterranean) Great Lakes Republic: Protectors of Africa (Capable of being expanded upon) Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts Eastern Asian Imperium: East and South Compact Hungary-Slovakia: Hungarian-Yugoslavian Pact Optional Defense Pacts N/A Non-Aggression and Trade Pact Zapadnaya Respublika: Non-Aggression and Trade Pact Non-Aggression Pact N/A Economic Pacts N/A
  2. In an effort to catalog the myriad of characters riddled throughout the world of CNRP, I have tasked upon myself to start a database where with a simple form, a CNRP player can submit their characters individually to ensure their use in future threads. If a player wishes to 'retire' a character, the player should post as so and the character's entry will have an indicator of their 'retirement' from CNRP unless the player wishes to bring the actor back into play. The submission form goes as follows: Name: Dynasty: (If applicable, if not delete this entry) Age: Date of Birth: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height: Weight: Frame: (Skinny, lithe, athletic, stocky, etc) Describe Personality: Image of Character: (If any) Character's Profession: (If government, specify.) Additional Information: [hr] Database: (Organized alphabetically) By Nation: By Player:
  3. Rudolph

    Thanks Admin!

    For shame, Wicked, for shame. What we need is a Mustache Monument Wonder
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    Get thee to a punnery.

    I don't care what anyone says on the contrary. That thread !@#$@#$ delivered and it's just pure gold +1 CN
  5. Very apt song, Stormsend. Certainly made me laugh at how true it is
  6. Rudolph

    I give up

    Same here, AirMe. I'm of the same line of thinking that they already payed for their 'sins'.
  7. IC: Mostly shocked but disappointed in the direction Bob went as a whole after Karma. OOC: This is the most exciting thing that's happened recently and I'm really hoping that post-war there will be the two opposing forces (Or shockingly enough a multi-spherical) on Bob that we desperately need to liven things up.
  8. Rudolph

    Mid-Game Crisis

    I will personally yell at the person in charge of Ragnarok (Mykep, Hoo, Taut, whoever) if they don't accept you Wally.
  9. War has started once more. The propaganda machine has been turned on, slowly gearing up to churn out the drivel and rhetoric that infests the forums around war time. The usual heavy hitters can be seen advocating and debating for their respective side's (actions/stances, take your pick) in this rapidly engulfing conflict. Was NEW in the right? No. Was it ethical for them to do so? Undoubtedly no. Was it moral for them to take vengeance? Vengeance has never been moral. Did NEW exercise their right to take vengeance? Indeed, they did. Were PC/iFOK cowards for not outright defending their ally in NEW? Subjective to each person's independent view, though personally I can understand their position. Is it obvious that they tried their best at ending the conflict peacefully? Undoubtedly so. Did the current power structure surrounding Pandora's Box play a part in this situation? Yes. I do admit that it is a bit surprising to see the past motto of 'Friends > Infra' being used by the side labeled by most as Ex-heg/Polaris against SG/PB. Then again, politics is always in motion and the power that used to rest at Q's hand is now in the hands of SG/PB, there is no doubt about that. Will this war be a curbstomp? That still has to be seen depending on how the counter DoW's are done. Either way, war is war even when it might be vastly overwhelming on one side. All we're here is to play a war game behind a thin veil of a political simulator, not to stagnate the war game by overusing the "realpolitik" of the political simulator. PS: Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody.
  10. /me rubs his stache I too, approve of this glorious message
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