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  1. So many familiar faces; how sweet. 2006, checking in.
  2. Congratulations to two quality alliances. o/ FEAR o/ AB
  3. I chatted with him a couple few times when he was in GUN. He was nice, very friendly guy. That's a beautiful card, nicely done. I like that you added 'the Cybernations Community', because I too would like to extend to his family & friends my sympathies. Thanks, Stewie.
  4. Congratulations Levi. I'm glad you made it. I feel good about having you at the helm. Thanks chefjoe for all you've put in, & for leading us through the reformation & beyond. o/ Valhalla
  5. Whether playing the part of hero or villain, you guys were excellent, and I'm sorry to see you go.
  6. I'm sorry to see this end. I am glad you are joining us though. o/ TORN
  7. VE, you guys really impressed me this past war with your tenacity & grit. Definitely cool customers; I'm glad to see my dear allies hook up with you guys.
  8. IRON have been our brothers for a long time now. I am very happy to see this treaty as one of our first. :wub:
  9. This is an excellent treaty, with excellent people. o/ Non Grata o/ Valhalla
  10. The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands. o/ Valhalla
  11. I was going to vote for the water one, but then I saw Make A Wish.
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