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  1. Alright, alright, alright. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Sing it with me!
  2. Red was honestly the only person that could get me to activate a nation. Add to that Reavers... life is good. No filter, no worries about all the other bs. Yup, life is good.
  3. Whats going on Rey? It was only a matter of time. I took a long time to decide if I wanted to or not. Decided I really don't give a flying f%!& :)
  4. Red, what have you done? And what did you get Rush to do?
  5. Mass credit to Bro's for all his hard work on this o/
  6. Thanks for the fun Bcortell & D34th o/ Once again best to you IRON o/
  7. I answered the leash question. About the spreadsheets, bcortel was given a task for the coalition. It went to his head. Out of one side of his mouth he wanted help and out of the other he was talking trash. His spreadsheets and great work for that front isn't a free pass to act as if he was more than a soldier. Omni if you feel my misquote is a lie (aka intentional) then so be it.
  8. How can you be this ... under a bridge.... I have NEVER EVER claimed to be without mistakes. The difference, I openly admit them and not try to cover them up like a child. You could learn from this.
  9. Does bcortell run Sengoku? No? Then the first leash is Sengoku. During the war who did Sengoku come in for? Ai, then they hold the second. Do I really have to do remedial explanations?
  10. Says the guy (bcortell) that didn't refer to the correction and applied a double standard. Yup I posted the wrong room then when challenged I took the time to look it up and correct it. I am indeed horrible.
  11. ??? You never cease to amaze me on the sheer "throw shit at a wall and see what sticks" attitude Death. Tell me what your point/accusation actually is? NPO was trying to reduce damage on TLR? NPO is complaining about allies? Seriously at this point you have jumped all over the place and I have no idea what you beef really is other than your typical Evil horrible NPO. Bcortell, go read more. I specifically put up the correction. But like always the dog on the leash tries to attack. I hope your spreadsheet work is going well for you.
  12. Why do you keep changing your direction? Oh wait because you already lost your previous comment argument. NP run along D34th :) Also I never said anything about them changing the course of the war (where are you getting this?). Not having them against us very preferable, hence the neutral or with us. NG in the war was a matter of having to have resources there to deal with them vs keeping those assets on another target. But you wouldn't know about that board warrior.
  13. Actually VE dropped the moment they refused to have NPO on the peace document ... lol Silly Goldie :)
  14. My apologies he was in the CnG front room. I misspoke.
  15. Good lord Heart. Let me simplify it. Polar was in the wrong channel. If I misquoted the channel and that offended you, my apologies. Let me go read my log and see what channel he said.
  16. You are intentionally acting moronic. TLR (in fact CnG as a whole) was always going to take damage, this was an accepted known by ALL parties. There was no deal for reduced damage on them (funny how you quickly danced right over the deal struck to reduce damage on MK and GOONS which IRON and NPO were a part of in a deal with NG). We did that to keep NG either out of the war or with us. This yet again was a known BEFORE the war even started (I stated that earlier). The fact that Polaris came in and screwed that up by not getting proper coalition authority is why there was a fit of anger from me. The fact they weren't in the right channel to get proper authority is a Polaris mistake. Happy about damage to any ally? Of course not. Pissed because my ally was attacked? Inaccurate. Pissed because it triggered another alliance against us that didn't need to happen? Absolutely.
  17. The only one that screwed up there was Polaris. What I was referring to was they stated they were in that channel and that is where they said the go ahead came from.
  18. lol. Yes I had an anger attack. I wasn't happy they hit TLR (and because they coordinated this with the TOP front folks vs the main command folks) but I was angry they triggered NG. Get your facts straight.
  19. That is because I haven't. In fact when the NG position was unrecoverable yes, when I was asked how about them getting hit my response was "have at it". Don't worry that will be spun too. Particularly when I would not agree to more war on CnG.. you know the group that was not a target of the war.
  20. IRON, AI and NPO agreed to these points for the war to start: Umbrella would take significant damage to reduce their power Umbrella would be taken from its "untouchable" position There would be no reps. Damage would be kept at a lower level for MK and potentially GOONS for our joint ally in NG. NG would support whoever was hit (either side) Unfortunately to achieve the main goal, tough calls had to be made. Every ounce of damage to the Umbrella coalition required equal damage to Ai. Yes I was done with that. Some have forgotten that. I don't fault you. I don't fault IRON for moving on, in fact I called it very early on. For every other alliance that used that war to push a different agenda and now try to act all butt hurt; you are cowards and weak. But for IRON, nothing was done wrong here and I wish them the best. They have different goal posts now, may they achieve them. For the EQ war, lets go over some simple details. At the end of it, NE and I talked and he said he trusted my judgement. The extended war on Umbrella failed because those other agenda groups couldn't hit CnG more, couldn't hit NG more, couldn't hit MK or GOONS more, couldn't hit TOP more all dove out quick. Save me your rhetoric. In fact it is 100% accurate to say those that wanted more on TOP, CnG or MK/GOONS got shafted. So, go make your own war and wear the big boy pants... or just shut up. And this is why micro's & the treaty web fails. You can't war on your own so you have to ride someone else then get all upset when YOUR needs aren't met. If you want YOUR needs met, then handle your business better. /cheers spreadsheet warriors. Those of you saying this was my war. You are correct in parts. Aspects of this war were planned and executed by a small circle of people of which I was a part of. Umbrella was the target. Umbrella took the physical damage. Umbrella took the political/image damage. That is win. If it wasn't for you... do something about it. And now you know why you weren't at the big boy table or channel.
  21. bcortell did a great job on his front, that is without question & is not what my comment was about. That does not change the fact he still followed where the leash lead him (and I am not the leash). You can all not like it, you can all deny it, the fact doesn't change. Seeing those supporting good ole bc, tells me EVERYTHING I needed to know :) As for your silly claim of he heeled for his masters & did what they wanted of him. You can all keep playing the little game as if that isn't true /shrugs.
  22. Before or after the fu Emperor bit? :) Don't take it serious, just having some fun Schatt
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