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  1. I know a lot find Discord easy but there are still people who log in from work who cant be on there and they really miss out when forums arent utilised a shame really but I guess a sign of the times
  2. Great to see this go up Love the guys at TBC o/ TBC o/ Polaris
  3. Over 1100 dead now from the heat
  4. good to have you in Polaris Fjorleif
  5. a bit of an update Dajobo has been re-admitted to hospital this evening with some complications from the surgeries He has had some xrays and scans today which show the kidney has attached itself to his pancreas and he has quite a bit of fluid in his peritinium with the pain from this has caused him to not breathe as deeply and has some fluid on the lungs as well Tomorrow he will undergo some more extensive scans so drs can decide if there will be more surgery needed
  6. Quantum Leap

    The 'C' word

    Dajobo has been improving massively each day and is doing extremely well and may even be discharged this weekend all going well
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