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  1. I don't think I was as involved for those conflicts so maybe that's why I think of it differently. Being in #initiative and all the coalition coordinating channels was a blast.
  2. Don't know when I started but GWII and GWIII were a blast
  3. AoC custom scenarios are fun. Later myth
  4. GWIII by far. The initiative coalition channels and the 2 sides against each other made it so enjoyable. Tons of folks were active back then too.
  5. Christie will be gone sooner rather than later. Sweeney and Fulop are a lot better on this issue once one of them get elected.
  6. Good luck, bros. We're behind you.
  7. Wish you would rethink, but good luck RL.
  8. Well fought MI6. Particular shoutout to avakeal for always fighting back (even when I was out of town). Also was great coordinating with Rhiz. Come by our embassy sometime, cheers.
  9. I think it's funny how some "allies" don't know what being an ally actually entails.
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