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  1. Thank you for all the hard work on the ASR
  2. keeology


    Junka you have a way with words, i'll give you that i've always admire your way with words. but basically you disbanded an alliance cause you didnt like its leader good job (insert thumbs up) pat yourself on the back. Although I should of listen to Flubb and Yoso and went with the coup those were good times
  3. pretty much this and what letum said. wars back in 2006,2007 ect ect..... happened more often and were shorter. Now what we have in todays CN is mega nations who would literally take months if not years to really beat down. Personally I think more shorter wars would bring more life back in this game.
  4. it failed cause inactivity and people not wanting to step up and run the alliance. as well people refusing to change or conform for the better of the alliance. So we got rolled and then just spiraled into oblivion. Now Tywins writings are interesting and have merit its so time consuming and a little back handed to some
  5. keeology

    New adventure

    Oh I guess Rules, well pretty much any Alliance i'm willing to try so just want to be blown away from the message.
  6. keeology

    New adventure

    Hello, my friends. I'm looking for a new alliance. I did leave SNX in good standings and no I didnt leave it cause it look to be a sinking ship I loved those people. Pretty much I'm looking to streatch my legs and try something new and what not. So I left and I am looking for the best recruitment message. best one and i'll sign up. What do you get with jrkee (keeology) well let me tell you! an active guy who is fun and is willing to help out where ever he can.
  7. keeology

    The dragon is dead!

    Congrats ! i'm glad it went well and hears to a speedy recovery
  8. keeology

    The 'C' word

    I'm happy to hear your improving Daj. Prayers for you to keep improving and for a full recovery.
  9. i'm hear cause I failed my psychological evaluation
  10. Hats off to you sir a fine read.
  11. short sweet and to the point. good beer review
  12. a good summary. I think there are different levels of spheres in CN you have the alliance level spheres than you have bloc level spheres.
  13. keeology

    Dajobo - a call out

    lol. best call out thread ever
  14. mid- third rounder at best. might trade a 5th and a 7th if i was going to do a trade
  15. keeology

    Recruit Me

    you could join Gopher in gopher roll. make it a 2 man AA and Join MCXA it's where all the cool kids go. jrkee does more than hint at a job i'll give ya one
  16. RIP. sad day in hollywood he was one of the greats.
  17. dude you have a unhealthy obsession of DBDC
  18. i'll toss out MCXA as well. a fun place www.mcxa.invisionzone.com and why? well why not?
  19. Seattle has the chance. but i dont think they will make it past all 3 road test (washington,Atlanta,San Fransisco) i actually really really like the Niners out of the NFC. Denver is a safe AFC pick. i think the AFC will come down to New England vs Denver.
  20. i'm going for the upset (hope i'm right) Romney-288 Obama- 250
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