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  1. Pedophilia is a serious problem.
  2. I really do wish you would just go away, you are not longer relevant to this world and no one cares about you.
  3. You let that loser into your government? Thought your group had more common sense than that.
  4. Today is a Glorious Day for Bear Force One as we have finally destroyed our enemies the New Polar Order, our troops have marched into their capital city and burned it to the ground. We have-What? We didn't win the war? We lost? But I just prepared this long victory speech to share with the world of our glorious victory. BearForce1 Surrender BearForce1 hereby surrenders to the New Polar Order and agrees to the following terms. BearForce1 will not attack any member or ally of the New Polar Order BearForce1's defensive war slots are ours, and we choose who gets to use them for the next thirty days. Peaceful nations of BearForce1 will not be attacked. Any member of BF1 who leaves the AA will cease to be covered by these terms. New Polar Order Dajobo - Emperor BearForce1 The Collective of Bear Force One It is also with sad news that we in Bear Force One will be putting this alliance to rest. We have lost some very good friends along the way and in memorial of these nations we will be dissolving this alliance. We did promise we wouldn't surrender, but as the war waged on against Polaris some of us made a couple of friends during the fighting, and we realized that we didn't hate them, so it was turning more into a pain to take action against these nations. We will thus take action of disbanding this alliance and going out separate ways. Some of us to rejoin CN, some of us to go onto our own individual crusades. We laid to rest and honor the following people: Trout Malone Weenie We will be laying to rest the following people: Trigar And we also thank and honor those that fought with us, and may have peaced out early, or who joined our crusade after we started it. You made it possible to extend the damage that we sought to do, and make it harder for Polaris to deal with a small group of just six people. With that parting, the terms will stay in place against the Alliance Affiliation of Bear Force One until they expire in 30 days, but by then everyone should be off and onto their own adventures, either in CN or in the mythical land of the Real World. Signed, Bear Force One
  5. Me and Maintaining lasting CN Friendships Because its apparently cool to post yourself vs something you are terrible at doing in this game.
  6. Extra, Extra, Read All About It, Fresh Waffles For All!
  7. I like Polaris, they like me. Not sure where you are getting your information.
  8. That would imply I ever stopped drinking. Of course I miss you, making fun of SirWilliam just isn't the same as making fun of you. You took the words of my post out of context, they were in reference to someone else. You really want the attention don't you? I will indulge you. I had an opportunity to slip out and restock nukes. I did it, I clicked on your list of nations and kept clicking randomly until it said I could declare, I did so. I offered Nightmare Peace when he mentioned he didn't have a MP or SDI, he didn't take it. I am not exactly trying that hard to win the war. Your people aren't coordinating ground attacks for update to Defeat Alert me right after update. Nuke before update, attack after. Not my fault you aren't maximizing your war effort to do more damage to me. I've offered numerous times to teach your lower tier how to fight. I offered to run your war department to wage war against our nations. Not like I haven't tried to maximize the war effort with what people you had. I mean, you could always have people sell down. You are an idiot. What I said earlier still applies, but perhaps you should read the name again and compare it to the LunarGOONS that are in existence right now. You continue to show incompetence at every turn of the table. You should best sit back and let your betters hash out the wars and arguments on this battle field of words.
  9. Yes, standard NSO mantra. Talk big, do nothing. Go back to your little kiddie table.
  10. Boredom, Polaris doesn't provide the entertainment I desire anymore. I seek healthier, and plump targets that don't have the financial means to defend themselves.
  11. My feathers will not be ruffled until the 'fat lady' sings.
  12. You think I am scared of GATO or your shitty alliances? I am ascending via the Unjust Path, and I will strike out against on the grand adventure to hunt down the white whale on my ship Pequod. The Polaris newbies that are getting war training off of us are barely doing anything at this point and aren't a threat. The Mid/High ranges of Polaris were fun, but their low tier isn't that good. So if Polaris's lower tier isn't good, GATO's would probably actually surrender.
  13. Dear lord, Tevron and Kevanovia? What a terrible decision you have made.
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