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Peace is a Lie


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In March of 2009, the New Sith Order was founded with one simple goal: to change the world. We saw a world choked by peace and morality and we balked. What good were the legions of nations if they were not used as weapons? What higher purpose could an alliance serve other than conflict?

Soon after we began our journey, the world erupted in the Karma War. It seemed as if everyone was clamoring for “honor” and “justice” – words like “morality” were bandied about as if they meant something real, and people seemed to actually care about these abstract notions. For a group of growing Sith, it was quite simply horrible.

We knew that it would always be up to an Order to lead the world into enlightenment, and as our big brothers were otherwise occupied, we picked up the torch. We began to preach the correct ideology in our words and in our actions, not caring for the consequences to ourselves or to our nations. We showed the world that morality was meaningless, and that power was all that there was. We embraced conflict, going so far as to base our system of government on it, and we demonstrated time and again that justice had no meaning.

Today, everyone is a Sith. Doomhouse has taken the precepts we’ve spent so long preaching and acted on them beyond our wildest expectations. As sitting Emperor of the New Sith Order, I am proud. I am honored to see such powerful alliances take our teachings to heart in such a dramatic and overt way. Finally, the shackles of morality and justice have been cast off, and the world stands free. Hail Doomhouse!

The New Sith Order hereby declares war on the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism.

Heft, Sith Emperor

Weebland, Dark Lord

youwish959, Sith Lord
kevin32891, Sith Lord
Jake Liebenow, Sith Lord

Ruhani, Master of Aggressive Negotiations
Varianz, Marauder of Aggressive Negotiations
Anthony, Marauder of Aggressive Negotiations

KainIIIC, Master of Lies
Straylight, Marauder of Lies
Rayvon, Marauder of Lies

MOOFER, Master of Proliferation
Waterbuffalo, Marauder of Proliferation
Jimbei, Marauder of Proliferation

KirstenMichelle, Master of Propaganda and Indoctrination

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[b]For too long now[/b], the Sith have sat back and watched as war ravaged the lands.

[b]We burned[/b] when war was brought to us in subterfuge to goad our Pacific brothers.

[b]We watched[/b] as our Polar brothers met unwarranted steel from the cowards of Pandora's Box in a further attempt to goad Pacifica.

[b]We watched[/b] as our Siberian brothers-in-arms rode to their defense.

[b]We watched[/b] as the devils; desperate and fearful; lashed out directly at Pacifica - afraid of a future where they once again held power.

[b]Today, We watch no more[/b].

[b]Finally[/b] - the leash is off ..

[b]GOONS[/b][i], now you will receive us!
We do not ask for your demise. We do not want your tears. It is your Corrupt we claim.

It is your evil that will be saught by us. With every breath we shall hunt them down. Each day we will spill your blood till it rains down from the skies...!

There are principles, which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behaviour and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.

There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain.

But if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day, you will reap it. And we will send you to whatever God you wish![/i]

[b]Today GOONs, we ride to your lands[/b] - we come for your women, your children, your weak and your sick. To make clean your lands; make them fit for the endurance of the Sith. :ph34r:








[i]"The Ancient Sith have spoken. Together, we will bring down the galaxy."[/i] ―Exar Kun

[i]"Once you accept it, the dark side is with you forever."[/i] ―Freedon Nadd

[i]"As long as the dark side flows through the cracks of my flesh, I cannot be killed."[/i] -Darth Sion

[i]"I will not fall, I cannot die."[/i] -Darth Sion

[i]Disclaimer: No, Terra Cotta is not riding together on this front - but the speech seemed like an awesome way to present the TCP sigs :) [/i]
[OOC: Kinda hurt to edit that speech, but watching it last night just made it sound that much more awesome lol <3 Boondock Saints :/OOC]

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I think this should be the GOONS new Flag! Have fun adding to the Abyss.


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[quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1296450336' post='2612113']
Quite possibly one of the most pointless DoW's ever posted. Do GOONS even have any slots left for you to take at this point?
Most of them are in the upper tiers where they know they would be slaughtered by our allies.

Well whatever the case NSO, if you thought the 90m I charged Dopp was high, just wait till you see the bill I charge you for [I]this[/i].


Are you implying that your culture is manure which is spread across farmlands? Because that's what I'm getting from this image.

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