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  1. Gopher, make sure to add Molon Labe to NPO's side as of now. http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?searchstring=Declaring_Alliance%2CReceiving_Alliance&search=Molon%20Labe&anyallexact=exact
  2. Janova at least you should roll PB after the VE-NpO war ends.
  3. [quote name='sethb' timestamp='1293288675' post='2553580'] This is correct. All debts to me have been paid as of now. [/quote] Do you mean from everyone?
  4. [quote name='KCToker' timestamp='1293175945' post='2552523'] People keep leaving PC to ghost NEW and fight. [/quote] I'm wondering why people from MHA don't do the same and help out Fark (or even Fark's former SF friends). I've seen quite a few Guru Order nations do it though.
  5. [quote name='Diomede' timestamp='1292477301' post='2540716'] Wooooh! Support from people that aren't Argent. Looks like we'll need it, we keep chugging along with +0.01 and the like. [/quote] Given that my alliance is treatied to your protectorate, I also support Argent. Maybe you should tell your members to militarize just to win this for the second time in a row, lol.
  6. Just a short while ago xR1 was in \m/, as a member of .gov and in control of their IRC. No wonder you guys voted Republican.
  7. [quote name='Shakya' timestamp='1288279109' post='2495207'] I have paid 100 tech to Steodonn through ZEROhour. [/quote] Updated, thanks again.
  8. Front page updated. Thank you Shakya :0
  9. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1284516850' post='2454262'] Accepted and pending. It goes down the master aid list until it hits one that's expired. [/quote] So I take it you've also ensured that two alliances with similar names don't get intertwined? For example, I believe iFOK and FOK would have shared aid screens, although only in one way. For example, FOK can see iFOK but iFOK can't see FOK. If not, get that fixed. Furthermore, you should also have a formula like the following: (# of nations)*4 + (# of Foreign Ministries) + (# of Disaster Relief Agencies) in order to compute a
  10. [quote name='mdnss69' timestamp='1284385795' post='2452248'] I used Shellhound has my seller to pump my 100 tech bet through, and I know for a fact he definitely paid an additional 50 tech of his own after that. For the final 50 tech, he said he paid it but I honestly do not know and cannot recall whether he did or not. I will ask him to get into contact with Jaymjaym and sort it out. [/quote] Okay, thanks
  11. Well Shakya that's one way to do it. But if it fails, you're going to have find the tech sellers yourself.
  12. Well I noticed that Fizzydog has paid his debts to sethb, so he's updated on the front page. Still waiting for A LOT of people to pay their debts... What's taking so long?
  13. [quote name='bakamitai' timestamp='1283477780' post='2439712'] This. Still waiting on these three to pay up. [/quote] Shellhound says he's paid all his debts to you though, so is that false?
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