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  1. I'm confused, then are you crying because you aren't able to declare war, or because you're scared they'll hit you if you do? Sounds like multiple narratives being spun here, none of which interlock that well.
  2. So why not just man up and engage? You're being attacked, but instead you sit here and posture for the sake of rhetoric, and you expect people to be sympathetic? Please.
  3. Stonewall ZI 4 lyfe But forreal, the action of one is the action of many and all that, that's one outdated philosophy you have there Methrage. Things never do change.
  4. Truly we were a guiding force in the world :colbert:
  5. I'm actually pretty amazed that a now-dead, supposedly worthless alliance is still getting you riled up over actions that happened nearly 2 years ago. Proof, IMO, that Deinos made the world a much more fascinating place if it really got a player like NG's feathers that ruffled. I mean, that's comparable to NPO's old days, Vox Populi, and NAAC!
  6. Holy crap, is this a joke? I thought we were several weeks past April Fool's Day...
  7. Brehon, are you just moving on [OOC]to EVE at this point?[/OOC] Or are you staying in NPO in a decent sense?
  8. People complaining about how we're same ol' same ol'? Maybe they should wait and see what we've got in store for our 3rd treaty before jumping to conclusions :ehm:
  9. I wonder when they'll realize their hate and disbelief fuels us, guys. It's like we're accomplishing our goals without even having to do anything. The right people hating us further serves to legitimize our existence, and that hate is doing quite well in getting our name out there. And god have their tears never tasted so sweet. We must be doing something right.
  10. I'm not sure if this was a shot at us or at HB. HB is a fantastic group of allies - none of my concern that you can't see that, really. I'm more commenting to say that [OOC]your sig is in incredibly poor taste and I would recommend you change it immediately.[/OOC]
  11. My my my, not even 3 hours into our existence and we've already managed to piss off most of the world. Truly, this is going to be quite the adventure.
  12. It's been a long time coming. About time it finally came.
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