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  1. Crying like a baby. Making completely nonsensical or illogical arguments. Lying or simply inventing evidence to support a non-existent case. These are all accurate observations.
  2. I feel as though this accurately describes all your responses to anything anywhere.
  3. Beefspari


    This post is as bad as what Hitler did to the Jews.
  4. Exactly. (I don't think anyone gets this)
  5. Beefspari


    This blog is like the time my granddad got drunk and tried to teach me how to swim by throwing me in a lake. What I'm saying is my grandmother is going to have to save it.
  6. Yes. Exactly. Thank you for saying what we're all thinking.
  7. You're starting to get it. We were doing a schtick where I was the ignorant poster and you were the one trying to use logical arguments. If only it still worked when the roles were reversed.
  8. You aren't listening when I tell you that all facts are completely irrelevant. He attacked CoJ and UE. Someone other than CoJ and UE retaliated. That means you ran to get help. It's irrefutable. You probably created a temporary secret treaty that lasted 12 seconds to call in allies and then cancelled it. That's how bad you needed help.
  9. Sorry, facts like these have always been irrelevant when we pointed them out. This time the shoe's on the other foot. You had to call in allies because you couldn't handle a single nation. That's a fact.
  10. You are the exact type of person this blog is made for.
  11. On the 23rd, one of our long-time members, OrangeAvenger decided he had gotten bored of planet Bob and was going to go out with a bang. He decided to rogue as his means of escape. Naturally he decided to nuke Sardonic (who wouldn't?) but he also chose two other targets: Schattenmann and HeroofTime. Can't say he has bad taste. If I may sidetrack for a moment, I want to briefly explain the point of this blog. In the past, GOONs has gotten a lot of flak for "calling in allies" or "not being able to fight for ourselves" or "not interpreting screaming cries as meaning no, please, stop it." The thi
  12. Very well, I remember pulling the same argument in Schatt's anniversary thread, but I'm just saying if you call someone unimportant or accuse them of contributing nothing to the community, you should either have done something in your time in CN or be a well-contributing member. Obviously wuss doesn't fit that criteria.Also, would it be beating a dead horse to say that the pictures are annoying? I guess it would defeat my purpose because that's why you do them, right? You don't have to be a leader to point out Schat isn't a good leader. You also don't have to be an artist to dislike art, o
  13. Every time mrwuss' dumb taunts make a moralist post an essay, an angel gets its wings. Must be someone important if Schat is blogging about him.
  14. If you seriously think stuff on SW's blog is an ~official PR move~ then you are beyond dumb. But I like how you went right for the jab to avoid commenting on topic (acknowledging that Legion are tools).
  15. It's a lot funnier when it's one guy trying to pay an entire alliance who didn't even have WCs to start with. Most of GOONs had WCs at the start of the war -- over 3 months ago. All the UOKMB guys (who said they planned the war for months) attacked us with no money on hand, except for Kirby.
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