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  1. Crying like a baby. Making completely nonsensical or illogical arguments. Lying or simply inventing evidence to support a non-existent case. These are all accurate observations.
  2. I feel as though this accurately describes all your responses to anything anywhere.
  3. Beefspari


    This post is as bad as what Hitler did to the Jews.
  4. Exactly. (I don't think anyone gets this)
  5. Beefspari


    This blog is like the time my granddad got drunk and tried to teach me how to swim by throwing me in a lake. What I'm saying is my grandmother is going to have to save it.
  6. Yes. Exactly. Thank you for saying what we're all thinking.
  7. You're starting to get it. We were doing a schtick where I was the ignorant poster and you were the one trying to use logical arguments. If only it still worked when the roles were reversed.
  8. You aren't listening when I tell you that all facts are completely irrelevant. He attacked CoJ and UE. Someone other than CoJ and UE retaliated. That means you ran to get help. It's irrefutable. You probably created a temporary secret treaty that lasted 12 seconds to call in allies and then cancelled it. That's how bad you needed help.
  9. Sorry, facts like these have always been irrelevant when we pointed them out. This time the shoe's on the other foot. You had to call in allies because you couldn't handle a single nation. That's a fact.
  10. You are the exact type of person this blog is made for.
  11. On the 23rd, one of our long-time members, OrangeAvenger decided he had gotten bored of planet Bob and was going to go out with a bang. He decided to rogue as his means of escape. Naturally he decided to nuke Sardonic (who wouldn't?) but he also chose two other targets: Schattenmann and HeroofTime. Can't say he has bad taste. If I may sidetrack for a moment, I want to briefly explain the point of this blog. In the past, GOONs has gotten a lot of flak for "calling in allies" or "not being able to fight for ourselves" or "not interpreting screaming cries as meaning no, please, stop it." The thi
  12. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1329415642' post='2921888'] I did before. Leet Guy said "put up or shut up punk" with regards to the bros !@#$. I did. How is pursuing legit grievances psycho? I'd say gunning for someone that is the reason for the diplomatic relations(DH would not have existed without me) when they can't even see what you're saying about them is much worse. I was just a bump in the road somehow to get to Xiphosis. I really don't get it.[/quote] No, dude. All you've done so far is talk. If we could be taken down just with talk, Schattenmann would've defeated us ages ago. Yo
  13. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1329415089' post='2921883'] mrwuss: the rest of DH/PB isn't responding to me for a reason. I suggest you follow suit. The gag order is fun to witness. And you idiots thought I was irrelevant? Pfft. [/quote] There's no "Doomhouse/PB" gag order. We're just getting tired of listening to you talk. Personally, I used to like you, before you went totally psycho and decided to try and take down a dozen alliances single-handedly. mrwuss is right: put up or shut up. [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aerisdisL3.jpg[/img]
  14. [quote name='White Chocolate' timestamp='1329346231' post='2921253'] Well, you just said GOONS has the same policy (which I was not aware of), so there's two large alliances that allow "tech raids" of alliances outside the standards of "common practice" in some situations.[/quote] Are you in NG? Or GOONs? Does us having these policies make your alliance consider adopting these policies? Do you see other alliances flocking to this idea so they can DoW on larger alliances? If not then what the hell are you talking about? [img]http://meru.xfury.net/images/aeris/aerisfffL8.jpg[/img]
  15. [quote name='JoshuaR' timestamp='1328934505' post='2918171'] No, the GOONS representative was making an ass of himself (for example stating that they weren't going to join because of the no-raid-black rule) which was one of the essential elements of the treaty. Their application was a joke because they never wanted to join. Had they seriously wanted to be admitted, the detractors' nay votes (that this was just another old GOONS) wouldn't have been enough to stop their admission. That's partly why you never needed to vote. There was no vote to be had. [/quote] Was this fw? I remember this ha
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