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  1. kevin32891

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    o/ Maroonity o/ MEAT
  2. We were once brothers remember? I guess since we're not that useful to you anymore you'll just !@#$ talk right?
  3. Yeah true but where are they going to find an actor that is 100 years old?
  4. HBO has been known to skip large battle scenes since they cost to much money, and since this the first season and all I can understand why they wouldn't want to spend all that money. I don't remember seeing a battle with Robb and Jaime in the episode or the book. Tyrion's battle should have been shown yes. In short yes they should have shown Tyrion's battle, and no they were right not to show Robb's battle since he isn't a POV character.
  5. I joined GOONS through a friend who had a SA account. old GOONS > lolgonass
  6. kevin32891

    ATTN: Hoo

    Another !@#$%* blog.
  7. kevin32891

    MK War Stats

    Dam MK you guys suck lol.
  8. "I am a newbie and I have no idea what I am doing and I've made on NSO and one Olympus surrender." Thanks for taking out the trash for us GOONs.
  9. And here for the past couple of months thought Bob Janova was the only sane and respectable person in VE. Someone has been drinking the kool-aid.
  10. I bought just the Witcher.
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