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  1. This blog post is stolen intellectual property of mine from the NSO embassy on our forums and I will not stand for it. Consider this a ~CaLlOuT~.
  2. If you attack DH you're going to get countered by DH. Regardless of the presence of a formal declaration of war. Don't be stupid.
  3. Biazt

    War Chart 1-20-11

    The shades of red and blue make it difficult to read the alliance names. Maybe a different hue or make the text white?
  4. PC is ODN? You guys really need to work on your propaganda this is kind of embarrassing
  5. There's a reason most treaties are MDoAPs rather than MADPs.
  6. While I'm considering debating some of your points I'll concede the misunderstanding about the disbanding so as to avoid a debate that's 3 years too late.
  7. The UJP existed for about a month and didn't force anyone to disband.
  8. Classified I'm afraid

  9. The music really made this blog entry work, though the entry is a bit short and I was hoping the song would continue to play over the text I was reading. That said, it was a good choice and I applaud you on this fine decision.
  10. Biazt

    A congrats to Xiphosis.

    My thoughts are basically thus:
  11. Facts do not matter to RV, only truth.
  12. So just going out sans blaze of glory
  13. Xiphosis is a pretty cool guy
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