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  1. The Open World RP forum is OUT OF CHARACTER. I am so sick of seeing people use [ooc] [/ooc] tags in it. Smooth out.
  2. Wasn't pissy at all man. Like I said, it is a pretty cut and dry issue. I didn't open this up for a debate, I was merely commenting on the fact that the argument was taking place elsewhere. In fact, before your post, their was no argument in this thread. Thanks for giving me the credit for what your brought here, though. Fed my overly-large ego.
  3. PR with who? I mean, there's two sides. Who are they trying to win over? GPA?
  4. This is pretty clear cut. MK/Umbrella/GOONS ( that last one) attack NPO, and TPF counters GOONS with a ton of other bandwagoners because everyone is afraid of big old Umbrella ( those guys too.) So then MK and Umbrella are like "chill bro, that's a lot of guys on GOONs", so they hit some TPF people without "officially declaring war" (we have all learned how important it is to do this in this war, else the whiners come out to play.) Anywho, Molon Labe decides these are rogues because of the lack of a Declaration of War and hits them because they have a MDP or whatever with TPF. Cool. No prob
  5. The New Moldavi "Doctrine:" Attack whoever you !@#$@#$ well please. Hey man, where's the credit to Ivan for using "his" Doctrine? Hey man, that's not cool that you attacked somebody "unprovoked". That is all, Smooth out.
  6. Smooth

    Blog War

    The fact that this is really only for all those e-lawyers out there.
  7. Because I'm sure none of your nations sucked at war either man. Chill the $%&@ out.
  8. Anyone who thinks Impero isn't running this war is a dumbass.
  9. Smooth

    Blog War

    Best declaration of war ever.
  10. Seriously, I don't care if you agree with the Entente and our CB or not. But I see a lot of talk on the OWF of how !@#$%* and what not it is and how we're a terrible alliance. And yet.... no one has declared on us, in OUR war. Too much for you to handle bros? Smooth out.
  11. Uh, VE disbanded in 2007, change your sig cuz its wrong. k thanx

  12. [quote name='dulceice' timestamp='1295406064' post='2582545'] Hey Goph, what are the bullet points next to the alliances you added today for? And am I correct for thinking blue for loss of at least .5 and gold for gain of at least .5? EDIT: actually, that seems to be just a coincidence. Those are the sides they take in the war, aren't they? [/quote] Sides in the war, yes.
  13. Baby love, come back to me. I miss you.
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