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  1. We're still here because we support our allies. That's who we are and what we do. Thanks for the compliments, though.
  2. Congrats, Empress, from the member body of The Entente!
  3. The Open World RP forum is OUT OF CHARACTER. I am so sick of seeing people use [ooc] [/ooc] tags in it. Smooth out.
  4. White Peace? We're horrible people! Also, obligatory STOP ACCEPTING THE DOOMHOUSE TERM!
  5. Roq is garbage, can't even handle little old Internal Elections on his own. Also, that Janax guy really needs to be impeached.
  6. [quote name='Antoine Roquentin' timestamp='1296873061' post='2619751'] Which alliance do they bow to? [/quote] iFOK. Come on man, you're in PB you know this!!
  7. Wasn't pissy at all man. Like I said, it is a pretty cut and dry issue. I didn't open this up for a debate, I was merely commenting on the fact that the argument was taking place elsewhere. In fact, before your post, their was no argument in this thread. Thanks for giving me the credit for what your brought here, though. Fed my overly-large ego.
  8. PR with who? I mean, there's two sides. Who are they trying to win over? GPA?
  9. This is pretty clear cut. MK/Umbrella/GOONS ( that last one) attack NPO, and TPF counters GOONS with a ton of other bandwagoners because everyone is afraid of big old Umbrella ( those guys too.) So then MK and Umbrella are like "chill bro, that's a lot of guys on GOONs", so they hit some TPF people without "officially declaring war" (we have all learned how important it is to do this in this war, else the whiners come out to play.) Anywho, Molon Labe decides these are rogues because of the lack of a Declaration of War and hits them because they have a MDP or whatever with TPF. Cool. No problem here. But then, they start branching out and hit others, who aren't engaged with TPF and then refuse to call them rogues the same they were calling MK/Umbrella nations rogues. So MK/Umbrella roll them for being stupid. I don't understand why that thread is over 20 pages. Does everything really need to be a !@#$@#$ 70 page argument about the same !@#$ over and over again for you people? Haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll. Smooth out.
  10. [quote name='Ryan Greenberg' timestamp='1296767626' post='2618128'] Either noCB War or UJW [/quote] Which deserves to be destroyed. Fixed your sig for you bro.
  11. The New Moldavi "Doctrine:" Attack whoever you !@#$@#$ well please. Hey man, where's the credit to Ivan for using "his" Doctrine? Hey man, that's not cool that you attacked somebody "unprovoked". That is all, Smooth out.
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