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  1. ktarthan

    Of Trolling

    HoT, I can't really tell who you're responding to so I'll just ask: who do you think called you an idiot? Other than Mr. Uruk here, I can't see anyone singling you out.
  2. ktarthan

    Of Trolling

    Oh I'm well aware. I was attempting to not get lengthy about this, but I guess the distance between what I said and what I meant was a bit too far and most people came to the conclusion that I'm trying to admonish people who troll. This is not the case. My OP carries two main ideas, and I'll try to break them down: "Attempting to convince the world that you're an idiot and succeeding" The basis of making someone dislike you is to be disagreeable. Whether by disagreeing directly with what they say, by espousing ideas that they strongly disagree with, or by acting in a way they strongly disag
  3. just wait for the upcoming expose "Ardus: At fault for literally everything ever"
  4. ktarthan

    Of Trolling

    Substitute "idiot" for any other derogatory term, really. It's trivial to get people to dislike you for any number of reasons. Simply saying that it was your intention to get them to dislike you doesn't lend the act any worth.
  5. im gonna start my own alliance and call it gonos suck it
  6. This is a bit of a departure from the regular theme of this blog as it doesn't exactly address an argument per se, though it often comes up argument adjacent. I'll make it short and sweet: Attempting to convince the world that you're an idiot and succeeding is a victory neither hard won nor worth merit.
  7. [quote name='Thrash' timestamp='1341359704' post='3002891'] Shout outs to the MK guys I fought so far. I picked famous ones so I'd know I'd get a good fight. Banksy, kthartan, Azaghul, Chickenzilla, Detlev and Blacky, I'll be seeing some of you again soon. [/quote] Despite spelling my name wrong, you and Haf were easily the most competent opponents I've faced this war (although I think Haf's warchest makes him a little reckless with his GAs) Also a special shout-out to the few CSN and NATO nations I faced that haven't learned about tech priority when nuking; you guys certainly made my
  8. [quote name='scytale' timestamp='1342783581' post='3012536'] No, no, no. Please, not the PARENTHESES. Anything but that. The humanity. The horror. The horror. The horror... BTW, how come you and Umb aren't close enough to know no more then taking wild guesses about Umb's war policies? [/quote] Because I don't care nearly enough to ask them about it.
  9. [quote name='scytale' timestamp='1342731154' post='3012234'] Ha! I stirred someone up. So... why [i]does[/i] Umb have their lower tier in PM? [/quote] Oh yes, I'm so stirred up. Like a big angry pot of stew. As I've said before I'm not privy to Umbrella's war policies (as I assume is the case with most people not in Umbrella), but if I had to take a wild guess it'd be to avoid sending their lower tier into a protracted (and rather pointless) battle with Fark's sizeable amount of 25-40K nations. [i]Now[/i]. Before you try to equate one alliance sending its lower tier to PM to the maj
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