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  1. RV's "hype" isn't his military prowess. He'll readily admit he's quite mediocre at combat.
  2. I always have a good laugh reading the rebel's posts.
  3. [quote name='Electron Sponge' timestamp='1298091658' post='2638055'] To which I respond that your alliance has foolishly overextended itself and cannot hope to outlast those who you oppose, given your cultural handicaps and lack of diplomatic acumen. You have chosen your allies foolishly and your enemies even more so. Biting off more than you all can chew doesn't begin to cover it. See you in a month or two bro [/quote] If only you posted this sooner we could have included it in the OP
  4. [quote name='the rebel' timestamp='1297457743' post='2629599'] I didnt ever give GOONS one single tech and i was never on the EoG list and got engaged by three nations two of whom werent GOONS and the only GOONS who engaged with me at around 40k had a warchest that only a 10k nation could be proud of and what did these three brave warriors do to me in over an update? a couple of CM's and AA's, i got update blitzed by three nations who were !@#$ scared to do single GA So yeah after seeing that pathectic showing i decided to pay the money which i didnt pay on my own, rather than fight your
  5. This blog post is stolen intellectual property of mine from the NSO embassy on our forums and I will not stand for it. Consider this a ~CaLlOuT~.
  6. It's pretty funny to see the full spectrum of Schattenmann approaching rage mode in this thread. It builds up slowly as more alliances peace out of this war and he realizes CoJ is going to be either a pile of smoking rubble or alternatively a tech farm for us. Resorting to ad hominems, disingenuous attacks and subtle incoherence in his posts seems to be the current transition state. Bold red text is usually the last, but you never know with this joker. Quite the interesting case study. Upset you're obviously going to lose the war? Or in Schattenmann terms: U mad?
  7. [quote name='Stefano Palmieri' timestamp='1296976189' post='2621774'] You Sir, have just made my afternoon. [/quote] Agreed. Legion never disappoints.
  8. Beautiful DoW. Love you guys so much To war!
  9. If you attack DH you're going to get countered by DH. Regardless of the presence of a formal declaration of war. Don't be stupid.
  10. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1296691456' post='2616706'] This happened to me as well. When I asked GOONS about it, they told me that it was a part of their secret strategy and that I was dumb and wouldn't understand [/quote] Beefspari didn't spy your CMs silly. As requested by thedestro: [img]http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/3093/picture3kt.png[/img] [quote]To: nippy From: Unknown Sender Date: 1/31/2011 11:03:37 PM Subject: Spy Operation Attack Message: A spy operation has been launched against your nation. The attacking spies were given the following order: Targe
  11. Laughing heartily at the people who actually think Doomhouse has any war fatigue whatsoever. This is great. Send some more alliances at us. Bring it
  12. [quote name='magicninja' timestamp='1296536917' post='2614031'] Stop accepting the NPO-Doomhouse !@#$%^&* folks. If you are on the Polar-VE front one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. [/quote] This is absolutely golden.
  13. [quote name='Kortal' timestamp='1296539408' post='2614195'] *Kortal flicks a drop of saliva from his whiskers* Ahhh, for the time just weeks off when all the smug DH members will feast on their words rashly spoken here when their beloved GOONS falls by the wayside, pounded by attack after attack from the very people their "protectors" knocked down to their level... For the period scant months away when the rest of CN comes to the realization that their glorified lulz kings can be trusted only to live up to their principal strengths of deceit and betrayal, and turn on them like the cancer
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