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  1. Goodnight, sweet prince. This world has gotten a little darker.

  2. Its more !@#$%^&* that you get banned.

  3. I'll love you forever

  4. I guess this is goodbye then. :)

  5. True, the mods are iffy though.

  6. I'm calling for your genocide? Excuse me? Where in the hell did I ever state such a thing? I said when you take others lands do not be surprised when they act hostile towards you. That's it. Now tell me where I even hinted at genocide.
  7. I don't see what's wrong with them honestly. If they can get away with making their comments why do I have to get pulled over for mine?

  8. We're you at 80 just the other day? And w/ those two comments in Zog's blog.

  9. lol are you trying to get banned now?

  10. Excuse me? Egyptians didn't take the Maghreb he's assuming I'm Arab. And if you take our land and we fight back how are you surprised? Of course you will all jump to his defense since, duh, you share similar backgrounds and views but ask the world how they feel and I can assure you it's not Egyptians that robbed them of their lands.
  11. I'm Egyptian, not Berber.
  12. I'm not Native American, I am Middle Eastern. And when you hi-jack our lands, do not !@#$%* and moan when we hi-jack your planes.
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