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  1. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1355885179' post='3065600'] I'm sorry, but why do we care if TPF has done anything or not? If TPF entertains TPF, that is good enough. They don't owe anyone else entertainment. [/quote] This sounds a whole lot like the position MK takes about our own activities?
  2. [quote name='Brehon' timestamp='1355619338' post='3064322'] Same thing I told my members: Is some of what he says true - certainly. Is all of it - no. Is the information twisted - guaranteed. Its really common sense. Anyone who leaves their alliance and goes rogue like that has issues. Suddenly that makes them the paragon of truth, not even close. I get the desire to want drama, but come on. [/quote] wow i didn't realise mk could get brehon to damage control as well?!?!?!?!??? maybe d34th was right.......
  3. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1355618979' post='3064315'] Poor squires. [/quote] i've never been so glad to be an elf
  4. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1355617764' post='3064301'] When you use Voytek to do damage control things are really bad. [/quote] yes I was told by gov to post on a board that I have not paid the slightest amount of attention to in years in a thread made by one of MK's biggest simpletons in order to minimise the impact of these 'revelations' that by and large were his own (wrong) interpretation of events this thread doesn't even need damage control, I'm just enjoying the moment where brickyard outs himself to CN as one of the great unsung morons edit: for context i really don't care
  5. [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1355616722' post='3064286'] Eh *I think* its the same idiot who left IRON during build up to war that was being set against us by MK long long ago and joined MK and leak stuff about us. Not surprised by this. [/quote] i don't remember him leaking iron things (which doesn't mean he didn't) but all the other stuff is true especially the part where he's an idiot
  6. [quote name='infinite citadel' timestamp='1355614777' post='3064268'] Hi, I'm in control and I think C&G knows how I feel about them [/quote] no you're wrong one of our dumbest members ever (anyone who vaguely posts on MK's boards is aware of how dumb brickyard has always been) knows the real insider truth
  7. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1355613301' post='3064260']Wait its true now? or not? Im so confused.[/quote] 95% of the 'incendiary stuff' is his own very special spin on current events which is mostly wrong because he's always been an ostracised idiot within MK the other 5% is stuff which even the most insular of CNers, the average joe polar, would know.
  8. It's alright ardus I'm pretty sure everyone who's had a member go rogue and decide to TELL ALL SAUCY SECRETS INSIDE on these boards knows that they usually aren't the brightest of sparks
  9. I'm glad he pre-empted his 'fellow MKers' flocking to this thread to discredit him because it's really painfully obvious he has no !@#$@#$ idea about anything going on with NG and I'm about as disinterested as it gets these days
  10. Voytek


    [quote name='Nintenderek' timestamp='1343164529' post='3014470'] [i]As the Derekican national refrigerator was once again, out of milk and cheese, president Nintenderek decided to go to the grocery store to get the much needed milk and cheese for the people of Derekica. He found the milk and then had trouble finding the cheese. He eventually found it and went to wait in line. As he waited, he noticed the magazine rack next to him, and one particular title catches his attention.[/i] Holy crap! Schattenmann is doing new TWiPs now? This is worth a read. [i]Nintenderek picks up the magaz
  11. Voytek


    The revelations in the OP are an accurate reflection of the sharpness of alyster's intellect. he will be sorely missed....
  12. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1340253367' post='2991334'] Serious reply. Please bear with me. 1) Your alliance acts essentially as a giant bully in the world, 2) They curbstomp the same parties every 6 years simply because they can, 3) They have no respect for the rights of other players, 4) There was no CB this war (at least, there was only a very thin one that MK openly acknowledges was a joke), 5) The CB-less Doomhouse-NPO war spearheaded by MK, 6) General oppression and mayhem, like the extortion of NSO for I forget how much, because some guy in a trade circle deleted or s
  13. [quote name='shergzus' timestamp='1340153927' post='2989487'] I'm having this song come to my mind about now.....goes something like... We will...we will Rock you.... lol Hey....I'm random....so whatever. anyway...good to see this friendship develop. o/RoK o/CCC oh yeah.... [/quote] so much random and epic WIN lol xD
  14. so when are you guys annexing paraguas HEH HEH HEH
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