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  1. Revanchism is the defining force in CN politics, and has been for some time now. This is our creation, our lifestyle, and our world. I will admit, I'm not very much a holder of grudges, and I would be willing to bet that a lot of CN players don't hold grudges against every single member of a certain group, but their alliance is as a whole following or planning a revanchist policy against someone. It is incredibly naive to attempt to function in the CN of today without factoring in revanchism, be it your own or someone else's. Payback is king.
  2. Zessa

    3 CN Mindsets

    As much as I hate blogs, I'll post... (<redacted>) I wouldn't call these the three main groups. I agree that each exists, but there are also several other groups running around. I don't identify myself, a fair number of my allies, or a large number of the people active on the forums as being any of the three. I could flesh out some more groups to more accurately reflect CN... but I'd like to see you do it (I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to stuff on these infernal forums).
  3. thinks turning the forums into Facebook was a horrible idea.

  4. He made this great game, we must all praise him!

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